Design in the Times of Coronavirus

Imagine a holiday on a tree, hanging alongside bird houses? You do not have to imagine, as this is also a reality, thanks to BIG

What initially strikes you on the busy street of Milan is the yellow band that announces a new furniture showroom, FROMM. If the bright colour

Valentino Rosso is an essential chapter of the narrative of the Valentino Maison, a synonym of its glorious history and of its aesthetic identity and

For many design enthusiasts, the SaloneSatellite is the must-visit pavilion within the Salone Milano. It is where creativity flourishes without restrains, it is where design

Zaha Hadid Architects design a building mimicking the meandering valley carved by the Jinghe River thus winning the design competition for Jinghe New City Culture

A spectacular 21-metre “Tree of Trees” sculpture featuring 350 British native trees was created outside Buckingham Palace as a centrepiece of The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee

Scale Up presents “Public Art and the Built Environment Art for the people” on the 22nd of July 2020 at 5:00 pm (GMT+3) Doha Time, 7:30pm (IST) Indian Time.

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SCALE completes one year of curating the best in art, architecture, and design to its readers. SCALE thanks all its readers. During the trying times of this virus outbreak which has affected 140 countries so far, crippled the economy and taken lives, we say: “We shall overcome this too.”
Sindhu Nair,
Editor-in-Chief of Scale.