Louis Vuitton Store Takes on HIA by Storm

If there is one artform that one associates with Doha, it is the iconic teddy bear by Urs Fisher, spotted at the arrival area at Hamad International Airport. But since August 25, our favourite teddy bear is going to have stiff competition with an eye-catching, equally large store of Louis Vuitton within Qatar Duty Free that features a life-size replica of the Maison’s renowned mascot Vivienne popping out of the store.


The first Louis Vuitton store within Qatar Duty Free at Hamad International Airport is designed by inhouse designers of the Maison and is said to replicate another duty-free store of LV’s. White and following a flower-shaped plan replicating the iconic Louis Vuitton monogram the store is a space without any barriers that ushers in a cloud of luxury aided by the Maisons goods on display here.


Vivienne, the mascot named after Louis Vuitton’s signature VVN leather, a light-coloured beige leather that gains a dark patina over time, is often used in the making of the house’s bag straps. The mascot takes on the role as an intrepid traveller, and is a nod to Louis Vuitton’s history as a trunk maker.

Vivienne is the adorable character with a flower-shaped head, luggage tags for arms and the iconic Louis Vuitton monogram flower over one eye that pops out of the store at HIA. Inspired by Gaston Louis Vuitton’s love for collecting toys, Vivienne, the house mascot, has captured hearts in the fashion world and is all set to capture the hearts of travellers at the HIA.

Credits: Courtesy of LOUIS VUITTON by Stéphane MURATET