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The Beginning of it all…

The story of SCALE begins where print media falters. In a market that has become conservative in its spending on advertisement and marketing, SCALE starts a digital adventure.


Founder, Editor-In-Chief

SCALE is the fruit of a passion for content that inspires and a love for designs that delight. It was born out of an architects’ passion to curate the best of designs from around the world while focusing on the noteworthy architectural projects in Qatar. SCALE is a journalists’ vision of engaging her readers in content of value. After over a decade long tenure in news gathering and reportage in Qatar, Sindhu Nair, an architect who has worked as a journalist for most of her life, feels passionate about content curation and story weaving in the field of architecture and design. Her earlier works include a wide plethora of stories weaved from oil and gas upturns, sustainable ventures, entrepreneurial and leadership values touched on and many in the field of lifestyle and design.

Here are a few of them, which throws light into her expertise in the wide range of topics researched and written about. 


SCALE is the response to this passion, to continue on the journey of educating herself and the world in the process, of exploring spaces that exhilarate.
SCALE follows large signature architects on their design journey while looking at minuscule projects that intrigue, and engages readers with stories told through words and images.


Back-end Developer

Shijin is an SEO expert and backend developer at ScaleMagOnline, seamlessly integrating his skills in both domains to deliver impactful digital solutions. Proficient in PHP, Laravel, React Native, and Python, he offers a diverse skill set. Whether he’s enhancing website performance for search engines or architecting resilient backend systems, he excels in tackling the complexities of contemporary web development.


Consulting Editor

A non-practicing architect, art lover, yoga enthusiast, animal communicator and energy worker. She holds a Post-Graduate Diploma in The Aesthetics of Indian Art and has written about architecture, design, art and travel for two decades. She is currently authoring a cookbook focussing on healthy baked goodies. Amrita lives in Pune with her family of 2 and 4-legged creatures.


Contributing Editor

Aishwarya Kulkarni is an Architect and Urban Designer who channels her passion for urban analysis and architectural aesthetics into compelling writing. With experience working at the grassroots level in India, she now strives to shed light on rural and urban infrastructural challenges through research and writing. She believes in the power of communication and explores it through architectural journalism to demystify the intricacies of the built environment, making it accessible to all.


Architecture Correspondent

Amiya Hisham is an architect with interests in language and culture. She likes to read changes in the design world against its socio-cultural, political and ecological drivers. She prefer strong tea over coffee but will try anything from comics to Camus.


visual Artist 

A visual artist and a creative writer, Deepa Gopal is based in Dubai. Winner of the Honourable Mention Award for painting from the Kerala Lalithakala Akademi and author of the blog, Hues n Shades, her works are often “mindscapes” – an introspection into the emotional and the psychological. She likes to engage with dreams, myths, and visions. In over a decade of her art career, she has conceptualised and curated three exhibitions and participated in several others. “I art, I write, therefore I am,” is her motto.