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Çanakkale Tower in Turkey is More than a Broadcast Tower

Perched atop a scenic hill with panoramic views of the Dardanelles Strait in Turkey, the design of the Çanakkale Tower broadcast tower by IND [Inter.National.Design] and Powerhouse Company reimagines the conventional approach of a broadcast tower. 

The Çanakkale Antenna Tower that opened its doors to the public recently is enriched with a public park, viewing platforms, a visitor centre, and a restaurant. The tower stands proudly at the entrance of the complex, while the public facilities are placed at the opposite end, capitalising on the stunning surrounding views of Çanakkale – a city and seaport in Turkey’s Marmara region.

A fluid outer band seamlessly connects these elements, offering visitors awe-inspiring vistas of the ancient Dardanelles. The loop’s design artfully evolves into a tall entrance canyon, a wide viewing terrace deck, an elevated viaduct, and finally, the broadcast tower itself.

The architectural intervention extends beyond aesthetics, nurturing a beautiful inner garden. Here, indigenous flora is showcased, and eroded land is rejuvenated with healthy soil and young forest trees.

The park, is deliberately designed to exude a natural and untamed ambiance, and it blurs the boundaries between the plot’s vegetation and the surrounding forest landscape.

A remarkable intervention that harmonises technical design with environmental consciousness, while transforming the landscape into a public haven. The international competition challenged the team at Powerhouse to create an elegant, eco-friendly, and economically viable solution.

“The goal was twofold: to consolidate existing telecommunication towers into one, and to open up the site for public use, incorporating amenities like viewing platforms, a visitor centre, and hospitality. To balance formal requirements and environmental sensitivity, we worked closely with telecommunication and structural engineers and landscape designers. We ensured a safe distance between the tower and the public area to mitigate radiation risks. This decision led to the creation of an outer viewing platform encircling the entire project. By strategically distributing the programme elements, we maximised the site’s potential,” explains the Arman Akdoğan of IND.

While the design showcases iconic flair, technical excellence was not compromised. The 100m tall tower was engineered to withstand winds of up to 160km/h, ensuring structural stability and safety. Utilising steel plates up to 40mm and internal stiffeners, the tower was assembled from modular elements on-site.

Corten steel, the chosen finishing material, complemented the landscape, adapting its tones to the sun’s exposure and wind, creating a subtle harmony with the natural environment.

“The Çanakkale Antenna Tower showcases a clever mix of modern technology and eco-friendly design, offering a glimpse of a multidisciplinary approach. By transforming a previously cluttered and ecologically compromised site into a public oasis .with breathtaking views, this project exemplifies the art of harmonising form and function,” says the architect.

Project Details:

IND [Inter.National.Design] & Powerhouse Company
Partners in charge: Arman Akdoğan & Felix Madrazo IND [Inter.National.Design]
Nanne de Ru (Powerhouse Company) Structure by @abtbv & @intacinsaat

Architecture: IND [Inter.National.Design] & Powerhouse Company
Location: Çanakkale, Turkey
Client: Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure & Çanakkale Special Province Administration
Partners in Charge: Arman Akdoğan (IND), Felix Madrazo (IND), Nanne de Ru (PHC)
Landscape design: Hugo Sánchez Paisaje, Loop Design, Taller de Paisaje Entorno
Structure advice: INTAÇ & ABT BV
Electrical engineers: Küp Mühendislik LTD
Lighting consultancy: Ulrike Brandi, Benjamin Heine, Sarah Textor
Contractor: Çakır İnşaat. Talat Turan, Burak Yurt
Site supervision: Arman Akdoğan, Félix Madrazo IND [Inter.National.Design]
Photography: Fernando Alda, Sebastian van Damme
Photography by @fernandoaldafotografo @svd_fotografie
Landscape by @hugosanchez.paisaje &  @loopdesigneu