Building a Greener Tomorrow with ecoLogicStudio

ecoLogicStudio, an innovative architecture and design firm specialising in biotechnology for built environments, have recently launched their latest project, Parco della Repubblica: a visionary park that integrates nature, culture, and sustainability. This project was designed for the Municipality of Sirolo, in Italy, and will be completed in 2025.

Aerial view of the park. Picture Credit: ecoLogicStudio

In the charming coastal town of Sirolo, located within the National Mount Conero protected area, ecoLogicStudio has revitalised Parco della Repubblica, a public park situated on the northern side of the historic city center. This renovation project aspires to create a symbiotic environment for both humans and wildlife, acting as an entrance to the Conero natural reserve and encouraging a deeper bond between urban and natural settings.

Claudia Pasquero and Marco Poletto, founders of ecoLogicStudio, state: “Our design attempts to elevate the cultural relevance of the public park as a portal toward another dimension, one where humans and wildlife share a more hopeful future of symbiotic collaboration.”

Principles That Harmonise with Nature

Wildflowers Gardens. Picture Credit: ecoLogicStudio

This roughly 5-acre development will be built around six core principles, envisioned as a series of interconnected elements. These principles focus on integrating the project into the surrounding city (Urban), fostering community and social interaction (Social and Collective), encouraging play and well-being (Playful and Wellbeing), promoting cultural awareness and education (Cultural and Educational), respecting the environment (Ecological), and creating a space that blends seamlessly with the local landscape and promotes eco-tourism (Territorial and Eco-touristic).

Pedestrianised Spaces for Encouraging a Healthier Lifestyle

Stairway to Heaven. Picture Credit: ecoLogicStudio

The park will be car-free, creating a continuous pedestrian path that connects it directly to the historic city center. A flexible space within the park will host a variety of social and cultural events.  An activity loop for walking, jogging, and children’s cycling will border a central area dedicated to preserving biodiversity. This central zone will feature a network of new outdoor furniture surrounded by wildflower gardens, fostering a connection between local residents and eco-tourists with the park’s revitalized ecological character.

ecoLogicStudio’s renovation project is a shining example of cutting-edge design. By revitalizing public spaces like this park in Sirolo, ecoLogicStudio not only enhances ecological biodiversity but also fosters community engagement and cultural enrichment. As cities worldwide strive for carbon neutrality and resilience against climate change, projects like Parco della Repubblica illuminate a path forward—a future where urban environments coexist symbiotically with natural ecosystems, promising a more vibrant and sustainable tomorrow for generations to come.

Park area from the Adriatic sea. Picture Credit: ecoLogicStudio

Established in 2005 in London by Claudia Pasquero and Marco Poletto, ecoLogicStudio is renowned for integrating systemic thinking, computational design, and biotechnology. Their work, focused on scalable, nature-based solutions for carbon neutrality, includes installations, pavilions, and urban planning. They’ve received numerous accolades, including Metropolis Magazine’s top emerging practices and Fast Company Innovation by Design Awards. And many others.