Innovation meets Sustainability: ecoLogicStudio at MDW

ecoLogicStudio, under the leadership of Prof Claudia Pasquero and Dr Marco Poletto, will introduce its premier biophilic design collection at the upcoming MDW (Milan Design Week) from 15-21 April 2024 as part of the Isola Design Festival 2024.

The Biophilic design lineup will showcase a desktop biotechnological air purifier, a compostable stool, and a 3D printed jewel crafted from re-metabolised pollution, embodying a seamless blend of sustainability and aesthetic allure, all of this part of the ecoLogicStudio work.

Revolutionising sustainability with biomass transformation, while the compostable stool merges design and technology for personalized solutions

Part of the broader PhotoSynthetica™ research initiative initiated in 2018 by ecoLogicStudio in collaboration with an academic consortium, this collection addresses the adverse impacts of climate change and urban air pollution on wellbeing.

Five years of innovation manifest with the PhotoSynthetica Collection

Each creation bridges the realms of biophilic and digital design, emphasising genuine circularity in production and usage.

Biomass cultivated from air purification serves as the primary material for crafting the compostable stool and jewel through 3D printing, illustrating a holistic approach to sustainability where waste is transformed into valuable resources, fostering a healthier, more harmonious urban environment.

The PhotoSynthetica Collection from ecoLogicStudio is the culmination of five years of research and development. It implements the findings of several recent projects conceived by ecoLogicStudio, from the BioBombola to the Otrivin Air Lab, to Air Office and Tree One. AIReactor and the first series of compostable stools are now part of the permanent design collection of the Mudac – Museum of Contemporary Design and Applied Arts in Lausanne (Switzerland).

“This collection is born from the dream of growing the city of the future from the waste and pollution of our current fossil civilization. More than products these first three objects are tools to start a collective process of urban re-metabolisation,” affirms Dr.  Poletto.

AIReactor: Elevating indoor air quality sustainably, with a touch of nature

AIReactor redefines indoor air quality with elegance and innovation

Introducing AIReactor, the innovative desktop biotechnological air purifier is designed to revolutionise indoor air quality. This compact marvel functions as an indoor photobioreactor, efficiently absorbing carbon dioxide and pollutants while oxygenating the air. Ideal for both domestic and professional environments, it offers a seamless blend of functionality and elegance.

ecoLogicStudio crafted this with sustainability in mind, AIReactor boasts a completely reversible design, composed of recyclable or compostable materials. Its sleek birch plywood structure supports a lab-grade glass photobioreactor, housing living photosynthetic micro-algae cultures. Air enters the reactor, creating a gentle bubbling effect that simulates marine currents, keeping the algae suspended while enhancing oxygenation. The soothing sound of bubbling accompanies the release of fresh oxygen into the surroundings.

Technology for a greener future indoors

AIReactor’s impact goes beyond mere purification; it mimics the carbon-capturing capabilities of mature trees, embodying true carbon neutrality throughout its lifecycle. This holistic approach to wellbeing extends to respiratory and mental health, offering a symbiotic connection with nature. Capable of capturing various pollutants, including CO2, PM2.5, PM10, and NO2, AIReactor represents a significant step towards a cleaner, healthier urban environment.

Compostable stool redefines AIReactor’s design with customisation

Revolutionising sustainability with biomass transformation, while the compostable stool merges design and technology for personalized solutions

AIReactor’s brilliance lies in its ability to transform pollutants and carbon dioxide into biomass, later processed into biopolymer—a sustainable alternative to petroleum-based plastics.

Expanding on this innovation, the compostable stool utilises digital design and 3D printing for mass customisation, a collaboration between ecoLogicStudio and the Synthetic Landscape Lab at Innsbruck University. Its pleated morphology, reminiscent of a plant stem, offers both flexibility and structural integrity, adapting locally to the user’s body while supporting vertical load.

The compostable stool: A vision of sustainable design with limitless customisation, fostering global distribution through local production and biodegradable innovation

This unique combination of bio-composition and morphological articulation enables infinite customisation possibilities, facilitating global distribution through localised production chains.

A step towards envisioning a future where form meets eco-conscious function

Crafted from a bespoke compound of flexible PLA/PHB biodegradable filament, the stool epitomises nature-inspired design and sustainable manufacturing practices, offering a glimpse into a future where functionality harmonises seamlessly with environmental responsibility.

Bio-digital Ring

The PhotoSynthetica Collection turns waste into treasure, epitomised by the bio-digital ring

The PhotoSynthetica Collection reimagines waste and pollution as precious resources, culminating in the bio-digital ring—perhaps the closest they’ve come to “growing a jewel” from London’s emissions.

Prof.  Pasquero highlights its profound symbolism, urging a collective reevaluation of our value systems. “The ring has a powerful symbolic value, it is a call to collectively re-orient our value systems and to recognise preciousness where now we only see dirt.”

The ring embodies the fusion of technology and nature’s progression

Each ring, comprising 30% algal biomass on a PLA base, symbolises a convergence of technological and natural evolution. Weighing 20 grams, it symbolically encapsulates the daily air filtration of one AIReactor.

The ring embodies the fusion of technology and nature’s progression

Collaborating with esteemed academic partners, such as the Synthetic Landscape Lab at Innsbruck University and The Urban Morphogenesis Lab at the Bartlett UCL, this endeavor represents a fusion of innovative design and academic excellence.