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Beauty in Details

When SCALE explored, we also discovered quaint shops and interiors of homes that captured our imaginations in 2019…

The Wooden Wonder Within the Museum


An Italian Woodwork company known as Devoto Design, guided by the able designs of Koichi Takada made the wonder cave within the National Museum of Qatar a reality. The same interior space is on the longlist for the Dezeen Awards 2019.


Koichi Takada touches on the Wabi-sabi aesthetics that is on play at the National Museum of Qatar as he takes us through his interior designs within the Museum

SCALE was so inspired and hence wrote pages about the interiors of the gift shop within the National Museum of Qatar that we were not the least bit surprised when it was 2019 Best of Year Winner for Mixed Retail in Interior Design. We even talked to the design firm that made all the carpentry work possible.

The timber walls of the museum shops were inspired by Dahl Al Misfir (Cave of Light), located in the heart of Qatar, a beautiful underground sanctuary formed largely from fibrous gypsum crystals that give off a faint, moon-like, phosphorescent glow. Its organic architecture echoes  Koichi Takada’s vision of bringing nature back into architecture, establishing relationships that connect people and nature through design. Using a cutting-edge 3D modelling software, Koichi Takada Architects achieved a design of curves and surfaces that words fail to describe.

The beautiful wooden pieces arranged from the floor to the roof of the space seem like a puzzle that fits seamlessly.

Imagine putting together the 40,000 wooden pieces of a three-dimensional puzzle? Each wooden piece, CNC-cut in Italy, is entirely unique so it could only fit with its exact complementary piece. They were assembled by hand in Doha by Italian master carpenter, Claudio Devoto and his team of artisans, and that is the beauty of this structure.


X+Living creates a space in Shenzhen, China, which can accommodate multiple companies while offering every employee individuality thus debunking the myth that “co-working” is just a synonym for “low-cost workspace”.

Rethinking office spaces

Because co-working doesn’t have to look and be “low-cost”. It could just as well mean meeting your team in a thermocol bubble bath in a ‘bathroom’ that looks like it was designed for a Roman emperor with futuristic sensibilities.

A WHITE PALETTE - Scale Magazine

Minimal and clean is how M. Gazal Shaikh (#IAMGAZAL), one of the top influencers in Qatar, keeps her home. An inspiration for all Instagram aficionados

White is Beautiful

From bizarre to all white is how diverse we like it and hence the interiors of this influencer, M. Gazal Shaikh (#IAMGAZAL), who gives her opinions on all things that matters, without any inhibitions, which could explain why she keeps her house clutter-free and pure white.


This small hotel designed by Sri Lankan architects Pradeep Kodikara and Jineshi Samaraweera of Colombo–based Zowa Architects is situated 1,600-metres above sea level in the village of Kasar Devi near the town of Almora, Uttarakhand.

High up in the Sky

This minimalist boutique hotel perched on the slopes of Uttarakhand gets it right with its clean lines and rustic shades that don’t distract from the breath-taking beauty outside, which has a habit of seeping indoors through the generous French windows.


Architect duo Sharanya and Raghuveer from Studio Context bring new dimensions to nostalgia by giving a contemporary makeover to an ancestral home.

Nostalgia Overdrive

We were entranced by some designs from India, where tradition seemed cool and not at all dull and boring as we all believed. The architects at Studio Context attempt at creating simple, neatly crafted spaces that are contextually and climatically responsive to the immediate environment. To them, the beauty of a design is expressed best through details, which is strongly rooted in traditional values of architecture interpreted in a contemporary sense.


This four-bedroom apartment located at an upcoming high-rise tower in Mumbai suburbs is the personal space of a designer couple Priyanka, Tanay and their son Aarush

Not Quite Nostalgic

Then we sighted another interior that was as contemporary as the earlier one was traditional and yet equally attractive. Open spaces and a view from the 39th floor in Mumbai, with a smart play of materials and spaces, made this apartment an instant hit with our readers with many of them commenting how much it would have cost to build such interiors. Now that is a question we ask the architects…