Madrid’s Latest Creative Hub Transforms the Retail Experience

An innovative space on Madrid’s Gran Vía, designed by Masquespacio in collaboration with Lynk & Co offers a unique blend of work, play, and exploration. By Nikitha Sunil Vallikad

The heart of Madrid’s Gran Vía now hosts an extraordinary space—the Lynk & Co Club. More than a typical dealership, this 360m² area, crafted by Masquespacio Studio and the Lynk & Co Design Team, redefines retail by blending functionality with creativity. Visitors stepping inside find themselves on a sensory-rich journey, seamlessly integrating work, socializing, shopping, and events in an environment that is as innovative as it is inviting.

A Welcoming Entry: Interaction and Energy

The entrance to the Lynk & Co Club features a striking yellow sofa that curves gently, creating a welcoming lounge area.

Above, a grid of pink neon lights casts a playful glow, interacting with the abundant greenery that adds a touch of nature. The reflective surfaces amplify the sense of space and light, contributing to a lively and engaging atmosphere. This initial interaction zone exemplifies Lynk & Co’s ethos of merging functionality with a playful, ironic twist, preparing visitors for the journey ahead.

Design Exploration: From Bar to Meeting Spaces

Moving deeper into the club, the bar area emerges as a central hub, characterized by its neutral colours and minimalist materials.

This space not only serves as a social gathering point but also accommodates casual business meetings, reflecting the club’s versatility.

Nearby, a first meeting area contrasts sharply with its ‘purple rain’ effect, achieved through the interplay of metal blinds and glass bricks. This space is designed to inspire creativity, making it ideal for productive discussions and collaborative efforts.

The hallway exudes a surreal and serene atmosphere. The walls and floor are enveloped in a uniform, soft blue, creating a sense of calm and continuity. Above, the ceiling features a luminous grid panel displaying a sky with scattered clouds, enhancing the ethereal quality of the space. At the end of the corridor, a door with a circular window adds a focal point, inviting curiosity and exploration. The overall design combines simplicity with a dreamlike quality, immersing visitors in a tranquil, otherworldly environment.

Cultural Elements and Thematic Designs

Further exploration reveals a selection of Gears—sustainable products for purchase—and an eye-catching large pink cube housing a cultural reference to Madrid. This installation seamlessly blends art and commerce, offering a surprising and natural integration within the space.

The club’s bathrooms, inspired by the Teatro de La Zarzuela, transport visitors into a world of glamour and sophistication, with gold details and dim lighting creating a unique theatrical ambiance.

The fitting room, featuring a fluorescent curtain reminiscent of Velázquez’s “Las Meninas,” adds a playful yet elegant touch, showcasing Masquespacio’s talent for integrating historical references with contemporary design.

Futuristic Displays and Event Spaces

The Lynk & Co 01 vehicle, framed by a circular neon installation, highlights the car’s advanced features while maintaining harmony with the club’s overall aesthetic. Surrounding elements include a mix of raw and finished surfaces, such as exposed concrete and a textured pink wall, creating a contrast that emphasizes both industrial and vibrant aspects.

Green plants introduce a natural element, balancing the bold lighting and industrial materials. The space is dynamic, encouraging exploration and interaction, with lighting that highlights the car and guides visitors through the area.

Descending the stairs, visitors find areas designed for meetings and events, reminiscent of scenes from Asian cinema. These spaces, with tables and seating, are perfect for both formal gatherings and casual encounters, emphasising the club’s multifunctional nature. The pop art-inspired bathroom adds a final layer of fun and creativity, completing the diverse design narrative.

Redefining Retail Design

Since its opening, the Lynk & Co Club Madrid has significantly impacted the city’s retail and cultural landscape. The collaboration between Masquespacio and the Lynk & Co Design Team has resulted in a space that is both functional and visually striking.

By integrating diverse design elements and cultural references, the club offers an engaging experience that transcends traditional retail. It stands as a testament to the power of innovative design, transforming a car dealership into a vibrant, multifunctional hub. The club’s blend of creativity, functionality, and cultural awareness not only enhances the brand’s identity but also sets a new benchmark for retail spaces.


Project Name: Lynk & Co Club Madrid

Location: Madrid, Spain

Area: 360 sq m

Completion: April 2024

Design Firm: Masquespacio

Photographer: Luis Beltran

Collaborations: Shailesh Rajput Design Studio, Flos India