Amazing Conceptual Designs from Italy

Wafai is a mystery, like all the designs that he generates, each one more exquisite than the previous design, all posted on Instagram and getting a lot of interest. SCALE finds out more about this Instagram sensation.

Architecture is a product of culture and civilisation, therefore my philosophy to approach architecture is through simplicity, the play of light, the experience of spaces, transitions and atmosphere.” Wafai

So, we ask Wafai what it is that he represents. He says, “Wafai is a young practice based out of Turin-Italy and we work on architecture, interiors, and landscape. I launched the practice last year. I have worked in the automotive industry as an exterior designer and then as a user experience or user interface designer for a major automotive OEM company in Torino.”

What he feels about architecture is quite philosophical, “Architecture is a product of culture and civilization, therefore my philosophy to approach architecture is always concentrated on simplicity, light, the experience of the spaces, transitions and the atmosphere, all enhanced with one strong theme (or special spatial arrangement).  Everything that surrounds the theme is simplified.”

A recent project named Lake House that attracted a lot of attention and likes on Instagram is a concept house.

“The house is located in Switzerland on the Lake Türlersee and it was supposed to be a vacation house for a small family (a couple and a baby on the way). It was initially for a client but the project, unfortunately, didn’t materialise as the client had difficulties acquiring the land,” says Wafai.

But that did not stop him, he continued on what he embarked on and decided to visit the area alone after studying it over the web. He was fascinated by the place and the nature surrounding the site. He says, “The reality was much better than what I found on the internet.”

And thus, came about the design for the Lake House.

The inspiration came from studying the site features and contrasting them with the site,” Gently some times, and emphasising the features at other times, ” he explains.

The dynamic form of the house stands in contrast against the lush forest behind.

“The surface of the wall gradually transforms itself into a roof element, these dynamic lines drive the eyesight to the forest and merge the house with the environment outside, gently without disturbing the sky, forest, and water.”

The wood, glass, wall, and roof move progressively, providing natural sunlight to complement the simple, yet cozy interior design, while giving panoramic views of the sky and the forest.

“The dynamic open space starts to move progressively as the wall or the roof around the entrance as you walk inside the house, and create a playful space towards the glassed main façade,” he says.

The house is so designed that it merges with the surroundings during the winter and creates a picturesque setting from within and outside the house.

“For materials, I used cast concrete and concrete blocks, covered with plaster, and a little bit of wood when necessary for adding colour or to add variations of space. The minimum resources were used for the rest of the house with the majority kept aside for the main theme of the building which in this case is the roof,” he says.

The sweeping design of the roof is echoed in the staircase inside, a flowy wooden artwork which seems to be too frivolous to be safe, though Wafai does say that all his concept designs are achievable and extremely practical.

“I do concepts to showcase my design abilities and practice my vision and philosophy in approaching space, light, and mass in architecture,” he says. “All these concepts are possible and can be executed and some of them can be achieved with a manageable budget because they rely on fresh ideas and the right use of spaces, and not on expensive finishes.”

On how Wafai plans to go forward, he strongly believes that the future of marketing is going to move on to Instagram especially for businesses that rely on visual content and for the type of architecture that he takes up, he needs clients who are looking out for such designs.

“I will continue promoting my presence online by developing new concepts to position my design philosophy and show new possibilities that will attract a potential agent.”

Museum Earth, another concept design by Wafai

Mountain House is also a concept design which makes use of the surrounding landscape

An interior detail which resembles a museum space, a concept design of Wafai

 Images Courtesy: Wafai