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Inhabiting The Infinite Choice

Casa Ojalá, a new discovery in the world of static architecture, is a representation of aresidential building with high flexibility. It is a patented project by architect BeatriceBonzanigo (IB Studio).

Beatrice Bonzanigo - Scale Magzine

Beatrice Bonzanigo

Summarising the concept of infinite possibilities – Casa Ojalá is a small, 27 sqm house with interior solutions working in synchrony without changing the original structure and shape. The house develops from a manual mechanical system composed of ropes, pulleys and cranks,bringing the guest back to the memory of a journey on a sailboat. Wood and fabrics recall thetraditions of the place where the Casa stands highlighting its uniqueness and aestheticadaptability. The house has two bedrooms, one with a double bed and one with a single bed, abathroom, a terrace, a kitchenette and a living room, which can be continuously transformed intoone another or become a large outdoor platform – a house with no roof or even no floor.

Casa Ojalá“Residential building

Casa Ojalá“Residential building

The flexibility of the space is made possible thanks to the innovative solution of sliding wallswhich are rolled up on posts placed at the edge of the circumference and in the center of thestructure. Wood skin mesh sheets offer new ways to design curved, wavy, and free-form surfacesfrom flat sheets. This technology unlocks the design potential of rigid surfaces, allowing theconstruction of elegant membranes with the same look, feel, and functional properties as lighter,more flexible materials like paper or fabric. There are approximately twenty options available toincrease the flexibility of Casa Ojalá, making it a fully customisable product. Every single detailcan be developed with precious materials without changing its essence.


Casa Ojalá Italy - Scale Magazine

Casa Ojalá Italy

Casa Ojalá Iceland - Scale Magazine

Casa Ojalá Iceland

Once assembled, thehouse is based on its manual mechanical system and does not need any external assistance,neither human nor technological. It includes a rainwater collection system which is equippedwith photovoltaic panels and features a small septic tank. This casa can be offered to privatecustomers on land of any type such as vineyards, open countryside, mountains, lagoons, woods,meadows or sand dunes and is suitable for varied types of inhabitants looking for a new luxurytravel experience.

Photo credits – Beatrice Bonzanigo, IB Studio.

By Aarti Mohan.


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