Eyes are Windows to the Soul

The yellow of egg yolk within an eye, the deep dark blue of the eyes becomes the ocean bed for a mysterious woman, a tiny, charming bird within the comforting brown of the eyes, eerie images of hands flaying in desperation within a beautiful eye. These are the works by Jyo John Mulloor, a Dubai-based advertising professional who explores his passion to create surreal and stunning digital artwork.

From Mulloor’s eyes become the windows of nature series.

Jyo John Mulloor is a Dubai-based graphic designer whose love for surrealism gives vent to digital art that are in stunning visuals. With 16 years of background in advertising working on commercial ads for clients like Hyundai, Genesis, Kia, etc, Mulloor ventured into the field of digital art “in search of happiness and self-satisfaction”. With dreams of having his own exhibition, Mulloor is at his creative best when it comes to surrealism. But with what he has already produced, works that are stunning to the senses, both in composition and ideation, the world is the oyster for this artist whose best work is yet to come.

In his latest series of digital series that he calls, Eyes are windows to the soul, Mulloor has superimposed a range of images into real-life eyes.

Shocking to deeply calming, Mulloor’s work are arresting at the least.

“In this project, I created eyes that become the windows to the vast oceans with cute creatures within the deep blue sea, egg yolks, etc. I tried to superimpose a range of spectacular images onto real-life eyes, creating surreal artwork with a detailed contradiction in scale. This project is composed of ten images ranging from piercing blue eyes that are transformed to water and clouds while velvety golden-brown peppers become home to a squirrel, a bird, and a mysterious railway track.”

“The variety of images is used to evoke different feelings,” says the artist. “the nature-based pictures might provoke feelings of comfort or tranquillity while the ominous hands stretched out across a white iris may evoke sensations of mild terror. meanwhile, the egg yolk eyes are just fantastically bizarre.”

Work of art called Candioly.

Mulloor loves surrealism and his first surreal project was that of a human head helmet.

Custom-made human helmets by Mulloor’s artworks.

“This project was featured in social media and famous art galleries. This inspired me to do more on surreal projects,” says Mulloor whose work is stark yet colourful and seems to balance the right tones to stun the senses to gather attention.

All Images Courtesy of the artist