Jaber Henzab Creates Digital Art Mimicing Real Life

After the stupendous win of the home team in the Qatar-UAE match of the ongoing FIFA Arab Cup 2021, Qatar’s national team captain Hassan Al Haydos celebrated the win with a curious sleeping pose on the field. Qatari digital artist Jaber Henzab took note and reacted with his popular pop art that is both creative and humorous, of Al Haydos reclining within the tent which here is the FIFA-ready-Al Bayt Stadium. Combining technology with real-life situations and landmark buildings Jaber creates an art form reflective of life around him, expressing art with a digital connect, mixing and matching forms and events, people and buildings.

Digital art has become a medium that is enabling artists to revolutionise traditional art forms. It is a new tool that will serve a variety of creative needs to push the barriers of imagination. Jaber Henzab is a digital artist by passion and an engineer by profession. But recently his passion seems to be getting a lot of attention thanks to social media and also due to the numerous digital artworks he is creating. For someone who has always been interested in art, Jaber found his true calling, during the lockdown days and he started creating work, mostly for himself and for his social media fans.

The artist who is also an engineer in real life, Jaber Henzab.

HIA installations having fun during the lockdown.

“I think one of my first works that got instant attention was the apple pods being depicted as a cow’s face. But the most popular one was with the lockdown theme when I visualised the empty Hamad International Airport Bear with the lamp installation and the Kaws’ installation, playing cards within the airport, depicting the lack of activity within the airport as they were almost closed down. That was very reflective of the situation we were in and attracted a lot of comments and people loved it,” says Jaber.

He hasn’t stopped since then, finding subjects of interest and then donning his thinking cap to find connections and images that could be paired up to give the right message intended.

Al Thumama Stadium was the pride for the nation as it was designed by Qatari architect Ibrahim Jaidah and here he is seen as putting the qafiya on the youth inspiration Ganem.

Stadiums were a major muse for Jaber.

“It is not always easy. Some connections come to you immediately, like the image of architect Ibrahim Jaidah putting the traditional qafiya on the head of the inspiring young entrepreneur Ganim Al Muftah on the day of the opening of the Al Thumama Stadium which formed the basis of the entire artwork,” he says.

Buildings were always a favorite for Jaber to create a corelated art form.

His works are a reflection of current subjects of interest and hence get attention and also resonate with the current mood of the public. Being in Qatar and soaking in the football fever that the country is currently emersed in, the FIFA stadiums are a current favorite for this artist. He correlates the stadiums with animals of strength or historical figures, commemorating both the building and the person associated. The Khalifa Al Thani Stadium with the Sheikh Khalifa bin Hamad Al Thani smiling down and the other popular footballer Mohammad Salah kicking at a ball that is part of the bridge, are all art forms he uses to commemorate his favorite stars.

Jaber Henzab soaks in all the exhibitions that are showcased by Qatar Museums and he says he is thankful for the prevailing encouraging atmosphere of the country. He attributes his growth to all the exhibitions and talks organised by the governing entities that pave way for a community that is open to art in many different forms and creations.

We applaud all the artists and wait for more such immersive art that makes us see life as art forms.

All Images Courtesy the artist @Jaberhenzab