Creating Artistic Goalposts in Qatar

Qatar Tourism revealed an incredible art experience featuring goalpost-shaped installations by a collaboration of acclaimed local and international artists, with designs representing the countries of Qatar, England, Italy, France, Germany, Spain, Uruguay, Argentina and Brazil.

As the entire country is currently experiencing the FIFA 2022 vibes, Qatar Tourism revealed another art project that brings together artists from around the world to create Insta-worthy spots across the country. The initiative represents the fusion of the country’s love for football, appreciation for art, and skills for creating striking destinations.

Each ‘Posts of Qatar’ installation has been created by artists from around the world, with two goalposts designed by artists from Qatar and the remaining eight by artists from nations that have previously won the tournament: England, France, Spain, Italy, Germany, Argentina, Uruguay and Brazil.

The art installations reflect elements of each artist’s home country combined with aspects of Qatar’s rich cultural heritage, demonstrating the role that football can play in bringing together cultures from across the world. What is particularly inspiring is the collaboration that artists showed to finish the goal posts, each of them reflecting their pride, their love for their country and the Qatar-FIFA connection.

Chairman of Qatar Tourism and Qatar Airways Group Chief Executive, His Excellency Mr. Akbar Al Baker, said: “As we prepare to welcome millions of visitors to Qatar over the next two months, we believe in showcasing our national landmarks through the distinctive creations of local and international artists.”

Local artists Ghada Al-Suwaidi designed the goalpost that represents Qatar while Abdulaziz Yousef created a goalpost that welcomes all countries participating in the tournament. In addition, both the Argentinian and French concepts were created with a Qatari touch. Calligraphy artist Fatima Alsharshani created the elegant written structure that crowns the Argentinian goalpost and Maryam Faraj Al-Suwaidi’s sweeping, metallic dhow boat sails adorn the French installation.


Qatar goalpost by Ghada Al-Suwaidi

Souq Waqif

Ghada Al-Suwaidi, the artist who designed the first goalpost representing Qatar, said: “My design centres on nostalgia. The nostalgia of traditional architecture, especially in Souq Waqif,  is never changing despite the country’s constant state of modernisation. The nostalgia of childhood football matches, of running barefoot in the backyard, of using doorways as makeshift goalposts, and the nostalgia of getting in trouble when the ball would destroy the bougainvillea growing in every corner. Thankfully, the bougainvillea is a sturdy plant and still flowers in every Qatari backyard to this day. I brought all these aspects together in the hope that those who experienced that childhood can do so again, and those who never did, can peer into our past and join us there.”


Argentina goalpost by Simo Vibart and Fatima Alsharshani

Aspire Zone

The artist who created the calligraphy featured on the Argentina goalpost, said, “Calligraphy is one of the foremost important visual arts in our Arab culture. In this piece with Simo [Simon Vibrant], I used Moroccan calligraphy, which I specialize in, to write ‘Argentina’ in a reflective acrylic material. I wanted the surface of the calligraphy to mirror the Argentinean design while, at the same time, reflect the rocky landscape of Zekreet. This melding of cultures demonstrates the way football allows these two countries on opposite sides of the world to co-exist and flourish.”

“Sails, Moving Forward”

France goalpost by Guillaume Rouseré and Maryam Faraj Al-Suwaidi

The Pearl

Maryam Faraj Al-Suwaidi, the artist who designed the visual element of the France goalpost, said: “The cultural importance of the dhow can’t be overstated, and it’s a beautiful coincidence that the shape of billowing sails also makes the perfect amplifier for Guillaume’s sound art.”

“Where The Owl Sleeps”

 Brazil goalpost by Camila Gondo


Camila Gondo was the artist from Brazil who created the Brazilian goal post at Mia Park named “Where the Owl Sleeps” inspired by a Brazilian saying, which means, “The player kicked the ball where the owl sleeps.” She has brought the Brazilian owl together with Qatar’s falcon, a symbol of Qatar, to fly around the goalpost, both guiding the ball to the corners.

She says, “Together, I would like these two birds to inspire visitors to enjoy a beautiful game!”

The installations are inspired by the common desire of global travellers to create and share memorable travel experiences. Now, visitors to Qatar can shoot their snaps with perfectly framed backdrops and share their #PostsofQatar photo while experiencing some of the best views and attractions in the country.

 “Sailing Forms”

England goalpost by Hugo Dalton

Lusail City Marina

Hugo Dalton, the artist from England created flags representing both the countries, England and Qatar, rippling in the wind, inspired by these two seafaring nations and called his contribution “Sailing Forms.” It can be found at Lusail City Marina.


“Harmony Shining Through the Rose”

 Germany goalpost by KEF

 West Bay Beach

For the goalpost at West Bay Beach, “Harmony Shining Through The Rose” KEF art that finished the Germany goal post was inspired by the desert rose in Qatar, and he translated the swirls and curves, while the circular lines represent the incredible ability of football and art to bring cultures and nations together.

 “From Spain to Qatar”

Spain goalpost by Jordi Gil Fernandez (JoGis Art)

Sealine Beach Qatar

Inspired by colours and positivity of the artist’s philosophy and the heritage and history of Spain and Qatar.


Italy goalpost by Ale Giorgini

Katara Cultural Village

This goalpost by the Italian artist shows an encounter of cultures between Qatar and Italy, the shared love for arts and cultures and architecture, a symmetric view that shows us that there is more that unites us than that divides us.

 “The Shine of Transformation”

Uruguay goalpost by Josefina De León

Place Vendôme

This beautiful art installation of 2000 hand painted butterflies as a symbol of transformation and the joy it brings is the goal post from Uruguay by Josefina.

 “People from the World”

Countries of the World by Abdulaziz Yousef

Flag Plaza

 Abdulaziz Yousef, the artist who designed the goalpost representing international visitors, said: “Like all good ideas, the design for this goalpost was born out of a collaborative effort with the team at Qatar Tourism. We wanted to represent not just the people of Qatar, but everyone around the world who will sharing this momentous occasion with us. I used my personal graffiti style to bring the post to life and added elements of one of my favourite things in Qatar – the sunsets in winter. I can’t wait for visitors to experience them. No matter where you are in the country, you can always count on the colours to dazzle you into a trance. After all, there is nothing more unifying than playing the beautiful game under a sunset we all share. That is what I hoped to capture.”