The Empowering Mission of FROMM.

FROMM,  the newly launched design brand conceived between Doha and Milan, opened its doors in Doha on October 25 to take another step on its journey of creating the ideal fusion of culture, design, craftsmanship, and production. The FROMM Lab in Mshiereb’s M7 serves as a showroom to showcase its inaugural ‘Shurouq Collection’ co-designed with Maryam Al Suwaidi and Shua’a Ali, bring it to market, promote a learning environment and hold design workshops space for future projects.

HE Sheikha Al Mayassa bint Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani, Chairperson of Qatar Museums said, “FROMM. brings a new platform to support our incredible local creative talent, helping them to transform into successful global brands. As the first privately funded incubator in our creative economy ecosystem, I look forward to seeing FROMM. flourish in its new home at M7.”

FROMM., a design platform, and company conceived between Doha and Milan, opened its doors for  in Doha to take another step in its design journey. The FROMM Lab in Mshiereb’s M7 serves as a showroom that facilitates a learning environment and workshop space for future projects and design workshops.

FROMM revealed its setting, one that is vibrant and unique, showcasing the global destination where design is celebrated, developed, and fostered. Conceived by a Qatari-Italian team, the design company is poised to be Qatar’s epicentre for innovation in design.

FROMM aims to play a key role in Qatar’s creative economy by nurturing the local and regional emerging design scene. The FROMM Lab compliments their Milan-based Lab, acting as a space for talent incubation, playing host to its design process and public design workshops.

The CEO and Founder Alia Rachid said, “We are excited to announce the opening of our Doha-based Lab, the first of its kind in Qatar devoted to showcasing and laying the foundation for Qatar’s current and future design scene.”

She added, “We encourage the design community, the public, and those looking for interior solutions to visit our FROMM Labs in Doha to experience the storytelling behind the Shurouq Collection and our upcoming projects.”

The Shurouq Collection is a contemporary furniture collection designed in collaboration with Qatari designers Maryam Al Suwaidi and Shua’a Ali inspired by Qatar’s desert dunes and traditional architecture that provide a must-see storytelling experience.

“FROMM collaborates with local designers through an intensive mentoring process to co-design collaborative internal projects such as the ‘Shurouq Collection’ currently showcased in the FROMM Lab. It also provides interior design solutions for hospitality, residential/corporate projects, and strategic design consultancy. Clients can leverage FROMM’s global network, flexibility, and customised collaboration model to deliver innovative interior solutions rooted in heritage, and a strong sustainability agenda,” says Rachid.

Already launched and well received in June during Milan Design Week, the most dynamic showcase in the world of design, FROMM showcases its inaugural ‘Shurouq Collection’ in Doha. The Shurouq Collection is a contemporary furniture collection designed in collaboration with Qatari designers Maryam Al Suwaidi and Shua’a Ali, inspired by Qatar’s desert dunes and traditional architecture that provide a must-see storytelling experience.

FROMM.’s Shurouq Collection was designed in Doha, engineered in Milan, prototyped in Brianza, and produced where the best know-how is. This process truly shows FROMM.’s global reach and innovative design process that uniquely addresses “glocal” consumer needs.

As exciting the collection from FROMM. is, so is the interiors of the design lab inspiring, following the same colour palette of the brand.

The Shurouq Collection is the result of a co-design process that has resulted in seven products.

“My creativity has largely fueled my passion for art and design culture. FROMM. has provided me a great platform to take this a step forward by facilitating and guiding me to translate this creativity and diversify my creative practices through multiple artistic mediums,” says Shua’a Ali, one of the designers behind the Shorouq Collection.

The Coffee table “Maiz”, side table “Tawla”, console “Derj”, wall unit “Maktaba” and the floor lamp “Laite”, are the five pieces designed by Shua’a Ali, with the exception of the floor lamp, which was co-designed with Ellaquadro. These pieces are characterised by the prominent presence of an arch, inspired by the design of the old Qatari architectural buildings.

The perforated signature design branded on this collection’s pieces is inspired by pigeon towers prevalent in Qatar and the Gulf region. The old and the new are the idioms of dialogue that speak the language of tradition and culture as inspirations to retain aspects of cultural identity within the challenges presented by fast-paced globalisation.

“My journey with FROMM. was a whole new experience in my artistic career. As a visual artist, I know how to translate my thoughts into artistic visions. But through my collaboration with FROMM., I have learned how to translate those artistic visions into daily practical elements that are not only used as mere furniture pieces but also reflect the artistic beauty of our identity and culture,” says Maryam Al Suwaidi, the Shurouq Collection’s second designer.

A work of art at FROMM. designed by artist Shua’a Ali.

In conceiving and designing the Sofa “Baida”, armchair and pouf “Haima”, Maryam Al Suwaidi was inspired by the natural elements of the sand dunes and their dynamic shape that can be likened to the complexity of one’s identity formed by individual characteristics, historical and life factors, social contexts.

The wall unit “Maktaba” by designer Shua’a Ali.

SCALE talks to FROMM CEO & Founder Alia Rachid to understand the ideals behind this design company.

Tell us about the new direction of FROMM in design?

FROMM’s design direction and aim is to provide “new design perspectives” to the design community through heritage innovation.

A great example of this is the Shurouq Collection, we have been able to take inspirations rooted in Qatari traditions, history, and heritage, such as the traditional architectural designs and Qatar’s desert dunes, to inspire a collection that is both reminiscent of Qatari traditions but allows a level of global sensibility to allow it to exist in any living space.

Moreover, it is our method of designing that is novel in the global context, working through a unique collaboration framework we call our FROMM Design Process. The FROMM Design Process guides designers from inspiration to final product by taking designers through an intensive process that pushes ideas to their creative limits and ensures products are battle tested to stand the test of time.

Maryam Al Suwaidi was inspired by the natural elements of the sand dunes and their dynamic shape while designing the sofa and the pouf.

How does the interior design of FROMM reflect on the design values of the Company? What does it want to convey to the world of design through its interiors?

RACHID: Through our space at M7, we aim to create a multifunctional space that operates first as a design hub where workshops will be conducted for designers at all stages to develop their skills. As well as the centre of operations for FROMM creating a conducive space for our design process for all future FROMM projects. Lastly, the FROMM Lab serves a showroom to showcase all FROMM projects like the Shurouq Collection that is now present in the space.

What are the plans of FROMM in the coming years? How does it want to influence the design industry of Qatar?

RACHID: Qatar plays an extremely crucial role in building the desire and educating the public on art, culture, and design locally. Through government initiatives like M7, Qatar Creates Week, and the establishment of various design entities in the country, audiences are beginning to appreciate the hard work that goes into design and its impact on our daily lives.

With this education, FROMM and all the other entities in this space continue to benefit, and we plan to capitalize on this momentum by creating unique projects that toe the line between showcasing Qatari identity and providing globally appealing products that can be celebrated locally and internationally.

We would like to influence Qatar’s design industry by playing a developmental role for all aspiring designers, and become synonymous with Qatari design while continuing to build a community around FROMM and the design community more broadly in Qatar.

Tell us about the value of collaborations and partnerships that will help FROMM to make a name in the field of design, globally.

RACHID: Collaboration is at the heart of all FROMM’s projects, we appreciate the power of collaborating with designers to provide fresh perspectives and design inspirations to all projects. Collaborating with local designers allows FROMM to provide markets with products that reflect the values and heritage of Qatar, this provides a unique value proposition for the local hospitality and residential sectors.