The Resurgence of Italian Craftsmanship

Amid the architectural grandeur that has long defined Italy’s built landscape, Maria Adele Savioli carves a distinct niche with her profound appreciation for design. In an epoch where prefabrication and swift production often eclipse artistry, Maria’s MAS Design emerges less a brand and more a masterful synthesis of ageless craftsmanship, bearing the hallmarks of modern architectural vernacular.

Maria Adele Savioli recollects the fervour that led to the inception of MAS Design. “It all began with a deep-seated passion for design and meticulous attention to detail. An architect’s perception of space deeply influences the experience of those inhabiting it. This passion converged my journey with that of a discerning client, culminating in a joint venture,” she says.

Maria Adele begins with respect for the original structure, transforming it through a new contemporary language.

Speaking on her distinct design style, Maria emphasises the relationship between the character of a place, its residents, and her design philosophy. “Every piece of furniture I craft emerges from a dialogue with the space it’s meant for. Whether it’s a home, an office, or a local establishment, each design mirrors a project I undertook as an architect. The materials, hues, and design contours all encapsulate this journey.”

Architectural Reverberations

Drawing parallels between architecture and furniture design, Maria sheds light on the inseparable bond she shares with both. “Whenever I conceive a furniture piece, I envision it as a prototype of a building. Their genesis shares similar compositional elements.”

XX is a coffee table composed of a matte painted iron and brass top. Foldable structure in painted iron.

Elaborating on the rationale behind her choice of materials and colours, Maria shares, “The material remains in constant dialogue with its destined space. In contrast, colour manifests either as a reflection of the client’s identity or an expression of the chosen material.”

On being probed about her intriguing concept of “mini architectures for daily life”, Maria circles back to her architectural roots. “I see furniture akin to a miniature building, complete with volumes, voids, and façades.”

For Maria, the bond with her artisans transcends mere collaboration. “Our association dates back many years, fusing my professional journey with my passion for furniture design. Each artisan brings a unique specialisation, enriching our collective endeavour.”

Paolo 1 is a sideboard composed of a perimeter frame made of painted iron sheets, a matte lacquered MDF container, and brass claddings. The interiors are in matte lacquered MDF and organized with repositionable shelves.

Discussing the artisans’ involvement, Maria reveals, “From the very inception, artisans are intrinsic to the design. Their wisdom shapes the journey from an idea to its fruition. Regular interactions during the production phase are, to me, the most invigorating and creative facets of the process. That’s when a piece truly discovers its identity.”

On the customisation possibilities at MAS Design, she shares, “While dimensions, colours, and finishes can be tailored, the essence and balance of each piece are always overseen from my architectural studio.”

The Losanghe Collection: Coffee table, side board and side tables composed of a structure made of painted iron profiles. Coloured glass top with brass details

At Edit Napoli 2023, Maria will be providing an enticing preview. “We’ve chosen to showcase two furniture series: LOSANGHE and ONICE 45. Both collections embody our theme of colours harmonising with materials. LOSANGHE boasts sideboards and tables, with square iron profiles meticulously handcrafted into a rhomboidal section, coupled with hand-painted glass doors. ONICE 45, meanwhile, presents tables with painted L-profile iron structures and onyx tops, all cut at a 45-degree angle to define the façades as colour lines.”

Onice 45, a table composed of an onyx top and a structure made with L-profiles in painted iron, matte finish

Looking ahead, Maria contemplates the horizon for MAS Design. “Foremost in my aspirations is the desire to explore materials inherently connected to craftsmanship, weaving tales through furniture. Beyond this research facet, I’m eager to collaborate with professionals, both to reinterpret existing MAS Design pieces and to birth new, innovative creations.”

In a world where the value of handmade craftsmanship often gets overshadowed, Maria and MAS Design serve as luminous beacons, shining a light on the unparalleled beauty of personalised design, rich narratives, and the eternal charm of Italian artisanship.