Shwayaa: Curating Home Décor

Two successful, professional women come together to curate an online home décor store called Shwayaa that aims to refine lifestyle and décor choices for consumers around the world, available just a click away.

It is said that there is no greater force to reckon with when two women work together. If it is two ambitious, dedicated and thoroughly professional women like Suja Pramod and Sabeena Jahan, then there is no doubt that the project they have embarked on would one day be an entrepreneurial triumph.

The project undertaken here is Shwayaa, an online store that curates the best of home décor from around the world, sourced through extensive knowledge and a sensibility for interior décor. With Suja Pramod Kumar, an NITC graduate in Architecture having two decades of practice working on various large-scale public projects including a FIFA World Cup Stadium, as well as in designing and decorating residential projects under her firm UrbanLab, décor and styling spaces comes naturally, this venture is but an extension of her core skill base. Suja also has an eye for picking the right blend of aesthetics and workmanship and making interiors reflect the mood saught after.

The two women behind Shwayaa; Sabeena Jahan (right) and Suja Pramod Kumar (left).

“As an architect, I am constantly sourcing beautiful decor for my clients from many parts of the world and that’s exactly what we are trying to do in Shwayaa as well. I try to understand the needs of the target market or clientele and work within the model we have set for Shwayaa,” says Suja.


A stunning piece of art: Indian Bride by Naman Mahipal.

Sabeena, a Civil Engineer with project management background and decades of experience in the Middle East, has a keen eye for interior art and its evolving aesthetics but it is her digital startup passion and its business dimension that added the right balance to the duo’s entrepreneurial venture, Shwayaa.

“I am not an architect, however, the understanding of space utilisation and my sense of aesthetics aids in selecting decor that not only looks appealing but also compliments the overall design scheme,” adds Sabeena.

“Shwayaa” originates from the Arabic word “shway,” signifying small or little. “Shwayaa” stands for the small decor you can choose and add to your home, to give it a personality and a sense of completeness as a well-designed personal space.

A carved wooden wall decor panel from Chiang Mai 

But why a digital startup on home décor, and Sabeena says, “I have always been amazed by how interior design doesn’t just change spaces, but also how it affects our feelings and experiences within those spaces. I wanted to explore digital opportunities in this digital era. That is when Suja came up with this idea of an online market place which suited both of our interests.”

Suja had always toyed with the idea of starting a lifestyle store where she could collect sourced interior decor from all over the world. “I also wanted our rich Indian decor to reach the rest of the world. In this digital age it made more sense to have it as an online store to do both of these together. So, when Sabeena was on the lookout for a digital startup, this online decor store seemed like a perfect blend of our tastes and interests. Our shared passion for beautiful decor led us to this venture together,” she says.

Artwork by contemporary Indian artist Vivek Kumavat that honour the bull’s majestic spirit and cultural significance. A rare work of art available on Shwayaa.

Online décor stores are not new, so how does an online store like Shwayaa retain its uniqueness.

“Shwayaa operates as a carefully curated marketplace, partnering with vendors worldwide. We handpick their products to showcase to a wider audience. We also offer customisation options, working directly with our vendors to tailor products to meet our clients’ specific needs,” says Sabeena.

“Shwayaa’s innovative business model stands out as a curated marketplace that unites top designer brands and artists in a single platform. It eliminates the need to go through multiple vendors individually, providing a centralised sourcing destination for home owners, designers and architects. For instance, when choosing a carpet, one can easily find matching paintings, lighting, or artefacts to complete your space. you don’t have to take the risk of ordering all these separately – Shwayaa will make it reach your doorsteps,” explains Suja.

Shwayaa curates rare pieces of art and culture, like this rice vessel from Thailand.

Suja is always on the lookout, for designers, new undiscovered talents, intent on adding their products to the Shwayaa line-up.

“We have plans to create opportunities for emerging artists and expand our range of product categories eventually,” says Suja.

Computer assisted artwork symmetric design in earthy hues from Shwayaa.

Shwayaa works with eminent galleries and even with the designers themselves to make sure that the quality and authenticity of the product is maintained. For a discerning client, who is bent on having Indian art showcased on their house walls, from Madhubani to Warli and Pattachitra artwork, Shwayaa would be the best bet to source it out for you.

“Art as an integral part of decor is what Shwayaa would like to emphasise, especially to Indian clientele,” says Suja, “Our approach guarantees that the customers receive premium artwork or decor directly from the source, maintaining the highest standards of quality and authenticity.”

All Images from Shwayaa