A Christmas Tree Designed by Nendo for Tokyo Midtown

A Christmas Tree that is about fluidity, movement, and shimmer, designed to create the perfect Christmassy atmosphere in Tokyo Midtown.

Nendo has been more than a architectural firm, they are a design conscious firm that have won multitude of awards for products, office and retail spaces and even installations. This Christmas tress that fills the lounge spaces and creates a glimmering statement is one such installation that is a product of technology and design created to impact with joyfulness.

“Finished in matte champagne gold, the 7.5-meter-high conical tree with a polyhedral surface consists of numerous cut-out pieces that resemble sparkling lights. A total of 416 compact fans are installed behind each piece, individually controlled to blow air in coordination. The pieces not only sway and move with the wind but can also stop swinging in the air catching the wind at the programmed timing. By continuously receiving a certain amount of airflow, the pieces also float upward in a sustained manner. The combination of this air control allows the “pieces of light” to show a variety of different expressions, such as spiralling up, moving in random dots, or spreading out like ripples,” explains Oki Sato, the award-winning chief designer of Nendo.

The same ornament pieces are used as decoration in the galleria, garden terrace, and other atrium areas as well, adding a sense of unity and glamour to the event.

The theme Glitter in the Air translates to creating the uplifting and shimmering atmosphere, the very essence of Christmas, by literally generating “glitters” by “air”.

All Images Courtesy Nendo

Photography by Ota Tukimi