Scale Magazine 2020 Rchitecture Review

Adieu 2020, you will not be missed

What a year it has been.
What a seismic shift it has wrought on the way we live, work and interact with the world and with each other.

Like all aspects of life on earth, architecture and design are also being forced to recalibrate to match the tune of the new world, with its new rules and limitations. In the coming months, this will become more apparent as we continue to recover from the shock and chart a new course forward. Public spaces will be reimagined, the ethos of design will be called upon to discourage ‘undesirable’ behaviour and homes and offices will be shaped in accordance with the emerging paradigms of human contact.

And we at SCALE are excited to be witness to this transformation. We will continue bringing you stories at the cutting-edge of architecture and design, featuring the people who are at the driver’s seat. Meanwhile, as we prepare to wash off 2020 and cautiously welcome a new year, we wanted to take a moment to look back at the year that changed the game. Here are some of our most memorable and impactful stories of the year.

From the Ashes
Scale Magazine 2020 Rchitecture ReviewArchitects in Beirut, deep in mourning over the violence with the blast on August 4 tore through the facade of their beautiful and historic city, come together to create the social initiative Rebuild Beirut which connects people in need with donors and volunteers to build back destroyed homes.

A Shrine to History
Scale Magazine 2020 Rchitecture ReviewThe Meiji Jingu Museum is an epitome of Kengo Kuma’s innovative work with natural materials such as wood, demonstrating his ability to create contemporary designs that embrace traditional Japanese aesthetics.

The Drama of Spaces
Scale Magazine 2020 Rchitecture ReviewMahesh Radhakrishnan, of the Madras Office for Architects and Designers (MOAD), believes that beyond architectural ideals, the fundamental purpose of architecture is a backdrop to celebrate life.

Architecture without Adjectives
Scale Magazine 2020 Rchitecture ReviewSunitha Kondur and Bijoy Ramachandran, founders of Hundredhands and partners in life and work, speak about being both antagonists and service providers, seeking a refined obviousness in their work that is a combination of both a critical resistance and accommodation.

More FIFA Stadia Go Online in Doha
Scale Magazine 2020 Rchitecture ReviewOn Qatar National Day this year, the Al Rayyan Stadium was declared open, the fourth FIFA World Cup venue to come online. Situated in one of the country’s most historic sites, the venue will also be home to the Al Rayyan Sports Club. Both the Education City Stadium and Al Thumama Stadium were also inaugurated towards the middle of the year

Remembering Charles Correa
Scale Magazine 2020 Rchitecture ReviewOn the 90th birth anniversary of the legendary architect, we revisit Correa’s buildings, the seminal ideas they represent and his relentless engagement with the betterment of the world around him.

Behind the Design of Doha’s Metro Stations
Scale Magazine 2020 Rchitecture ReviewUNStudio’s concept design for the Doha Metro stations forms a bridge between the past and the future of Qatar, drawing inspiration from the vast regional architectural lexicon, whilst simultaneously representing a vision of modernisation and preservation.

Turning the Tide with Timber
Scale Magazine 2020 Rchitecture ReviewA 40-storey building in Sydney’s tech precinct is set to be the tallest commercial hybrid timber building in the world. The groundbreaking design of timber, with a glass and steel facade will include a mix of outdoor and indoor spaces and will use an energy-efficient approach that features natural ventilation and large planted terraces giving access to nature.

The Floating Apple
Scale Magazine 2020 Rchitecture ReviewInside a fully glazed dome that sits on water with a black glass base and a semi-opaque oculus at the top is Apple’s latest retail space in Singapore, creating a magical ephemeral effect on the entire structure that shines against the Marina Bay Sands.