Scale Magazine 2020 Interior Review

Home is the New Haven

The pandemic has made it necessary for us to relook at our immediate surroundings, our homes. Home improvement companies, decoration products, indoor plant businesses have been thriving when all others have failed.
As we slowly come out of this lockdown, we look at houses and interiors that have captured our interests in 2020.

A Lobby with an Identity
Scale Magazine 2020 Interior ReviewMotoElastico and Luca Villa (anD Studio) design the lobby of O’biz Tower in South Korea, that is so arresting that it becomes the destination. To enhance the graphic features of the project, the team used a striped tri-dimensional pattern that goes well beyond the limits imposed by the interior space.

The Courtyard House
Scale Magazine 2020 Interior ReviewThe warmth of an ancestral home is eternal. However, as time passes by, to build a home that satisfies the needs of multiple generations becomes the need of the hour. Here is one such family home in Kanjirapally, Kerala created by M.M Jose of Mindscape Architects.

A Building with Many Identities
Scale Magazine 2020 Interior Review

The Hiding House in Shanghai by Wutopia Lab is a mystical place, a house that takes on multiple responsibilities, of that of a library, a museum, a cultural institution, and a space for reflection.

A Clean, Well-lighted PlaceScale Magazine 2020 Interior Review


The architect of Uru Consulting wants to classify his efforts in designing the Box House as a rare blend of aesthetics dipped in mundanity. This Scandinavian architectural design stands out for its harmoniously balanced geometric shapes, deep-rooted in function. Beyond its function, the backdrop of the enchanting green fields of Kerala is indeed a sight to behold.


Art, Design and Gastronomy

Scale Magazine 2020 Interior Review


Kink Bar & Restaurant opened recently in a restored industrial building located in the heart of Prenzlauer Berg’s multidisciplinary cultural venue Pfefferberg in Berlin with interiors that put the focus on art and experiences in eclectic spaces that make the visitor experience multifaceted.


The House in a Garden
Scale Magazine 2020 Interior Review

Designed by Thought Parallels. this house is intended to feature biophilic design, and its distinctive form echoes the traditional Malabar style architecture and is partly inspired by the ‘tharavadu’ (traditional houses) of Kerala, a repository of the Indian culture.


Sheltered Home, Open Spaces
Scale Magazine 2020 Interior Review

Designed for four generations to live together, with the oldest housed at the ground level and the younger generations on the floors above, 18 screens by Sanjay Puri Architects create multiple private spaces whilst integrating them together.


Brick by Brick

Scale Magazine 2020 Interior ReviewRevealing the beauty of ‘Burnt Earth’ in a celebration of material imperfections, the Brickhaus Keralam’s designed by Srijith Srinivas Architects is an organic expression of asymmetry evokes a nostalgic charm of an ancestral home.

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