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The Modern-Day Souk

Collaborative Architecture won the International Call for installations from the Dubai Design Week 2019 with a modern, easy-to-construct Souk, or the Middle Eastern Bazar.Collaborative Architecture | Scale Design Magazine‘The Souk’ as designed by Lalita Tharani and Mujib Ahmed, principal architects and founders of Collaborative Architecture, is a cluster of three identical pods, straddling between an installation as a construct, and a space.Collaborative Architecture | Scale Design MagazineThe Souk, which was the result of a call for installation by the Dubai Design Week 2019, creates a smaller version of the ubiquitous, Middle Eastern bazaar, according to the architects. An urban microcosm, where the network of people and commerce create a unique character. ‘The Souk’ takes its inspiration from this, and tries to re-interpret it in the temporary setting of the exhibition. Collaborative Architecture | Scale Design MagazineCollaborative Architecture | Scale Design Magazine“The geometry of the pavilion is derived from the most common element, seen widely, in some of the most popular Islamic murals/patterns that adore some of the iconic architecture in the Islamic world, the decagon,” reveals Lalita.Collaborative Architecture | Scale Design MagazineCollaborative Architecture | Scale Design Magazine“The Souk transforms the ‘two-dimensional’ decagon into a seemingly complex, but, easy to build, three-dimensional construct. The decagons have been layered vertically to create a dynamic space, which showcases the structural, material and the poetic possibilities in timber and the sophisticated detailing of structural joinery in timber architecture. The pavilion is completely pre-fabricated and assembled at site over a period of two days,” explains Mujib.Collaborative Architecture | Scale Design MagazineThe three decagon spaces create a cluster, like a ‘mini-souk’, each space acting as space for networking/exhibits, creating spaces for intimate chats or group interaction, aiding in the casual commercial setting that they evoke and has historically been used for.

Collaborative Architecture | Scale Design MagazineCollaborative Architecture | Scale Design MagazineThough the installation was the winning submission at the Design Week in Dubai in 2019, it did not materialise and was not built on-site at the DDW due to lack of sufficient preparation and execution time given by the organisers.

All Images Courtesy Collaborative Architecture.