A Fictional Form of Intrigue at MIA Park

Numen an interdisciplinary firm based in Qatar imagines a vaulted transitional structure at the Museum of Islamic Art Park, Doha.

The Museum of Islamic Art (MIA) Park is one of the public spaces that becomes a hub of activity and interaction during the winter season in Qatar when the outdoors present pleasant and comfortable environment. With the I.M Pei-designed masterpiece in the periphery and the 7 Sculpture by Richard Serra at the opposite end of the expanse, the MIA Park is where you are surrounded by a landscape of design and art through installations in key positions, intercepted by green foliage. It is in these peaceful surroundings that Numen, an interdisciplinary team based in Qatar interjects a visual colourful mass.


The pink gigantic transitionary vault-like structures jolt the passer-by to look and contemplate on its need and perhaps the function. It is an intervention without any particular function that gives the onlooker a sense of a cocoon and hence a dwelling of comfort, perhaps.

“Numen is an interdisciplinary firm that focuses on providing unique spatial and design experiences. Supported by the values of creativity, innovation, insightfulness, and collaboration, Numen carefully listens and analyses client’s dreams to make them real through rigorous research, development, consultation, and hard work, applying the most innovative technologies and techniques to deliver world-class creative projects,” explains Carlos Beghetti, Design Director of the firm.

According to Carlos, “Architecture doesn’t always need a particular function, just a simple crafting intervention in nature means that a human has been there before, to a place that’s safe, that’s home. The design intent is to bring alive the phenomenal concept of human dwelling experience.”

“Dwelling, however, is the basic character of Being in keeping with which mortals exist. We do not dwell because we have built, but we build and have built because we dwell, that is, because we are dwellers…… Relationship between man and space is none other than dwelling”: Carlos quotes from Building Dwelling Thinking by Martin Heidegger.

All Images Courtesy Numen.