Colours of Earth

Paints according to Irvine by architect/designer Marialaura Irvine is a celebration of colours. Designed for Matteo Brioni’s new powder paint, the paints come in 14 distinct colours and are exhibited through a doll house paying homage to an impressive list of female pioneers in architecture, design, and art from the 20th century.

At the 2023 Cersaie held at the Bologna Fiere exhibition which is filled with Ceramics, Stand A-22 exhibited a doll house painted in striking earthy colours. Designed by Marialaura Irvine of Studio Irvine fame, for Matteo Brioni, the dollhouse exhibited a keen eye for perfection in detailing, and stood out in stark contrast to its surrounding, through simplicity and stark colours.

The dollhouse, spans 14 rooms, each inspired by the innovative work and influence of female architects who have inspired the designer, Marialaura.

 “Giorgia O’Keefe, Eileen Gray, Cini Boeri, Charlotte Perriand, Ray Eames, Nanda Vigo, GaeAulenti, Clara Porset, Lina Bo Bardi, Franca Helg, Sophie Taeuber-Arp, Annie Albers, Ruth Asawa, and Lilly Reich through their ground-breaking contributions, have played a crucial role in shaping the narrative of modern design and architecture, and their impact continues to inspire and shape contemporary practice,” says Marialaura, explaining her inspiration.

Paints According to Irvine is crafted from 14 distinct colours from Matteo Brioni’s new powder paint product. It extends the narrative first begun in ‘Earth according to Matteo’, delving into the power of natural colours to dictate the perception of space and return to architecture its most transcendent virtue – the capacity to inspire. Demonstrating her deftness in intertwining design and art, the artistic direction is fully helmed by Marialaura Irvine.

“It is important for me as the art director of Matteo Brioni to follow the sustainable vision of the company to use natural materials in our products,” she says, “My vision is to be clear; to be clear is to get more results.”

Marialaura’s very first role play when she was a child involved in designing her dollhouse and this is her continuation of her childhood dream but with her experience.

The project takes visitors through a collection of inspiring stories, captivating colours, and transformative spaces.

“From the sand-pink living room dedicated to Giorgia O’Keefe, offering an environment to relax, live, and read, to the medium-intensity red kitchen honouring Eileen Gray’s exceptional architectural compositions. Each room, each colour, evokes a different sensibility and a unique experience, a testament to the transformative power of colour and design. It’s a celebration of the beauty of imperfection, the three-dimensionality of powder paint, and the ability of natural pigments to transform into magnificent surfaces,” explains Marialaura.

“Then there is Annie Albers who is my favourite and works on grey, or there is Ruth Asawa who is an artist working on forms which I have replicated in here,” says Marialaura.

An exploration of colour to bring architecture to life, providing each space with a unique texture and tone is an affirmation of Marialaura’s belief in the power of colour that influences our experiences, emotions, and interactions.