Lighting it up with Hive Home

Hive Home brings to Indian homes, light fixtures that celebrate craftsmanship and are more art statements than lighting solutions.

Light installations have become more art pieces than sources of light, making a statement with their designs and proving to be décor items that are irreplaceable. One such lighting product that embodies craftsmanship through its stunning one-off pieces is Hive Home. From a recreation of a constellation of stars to crystal leaves in fan outbursts of flame, Hive Home designs are simply stunning. Shivangi Shah launched Hive Home in 2014 in Mumbai and has been committed to the craft through bespoke masterpieces that make a true style statement. Having acquired a degree in product design from the prestigious London School of Communication & Design, she believes that design must be versatile and expressive.

Shivangi Shah, Creator and Owner Hive Home.

We try to find about more about her design aspirations and the design ethos of Hive Home.

SCALE: Tell us about the craftsmanship involved in the making of the lighting devices? How did you identify the workmen for this exquisite glasswork?

SHIVANGI: The craftsmanship used by us is the art of glassblowing and high-quality metalwork. Through a long series of visits to glass factories, and local artisans I was able to have a lengthy chat with each person I met. Understanding the craft was the first and most important step. Thereafter, through trial and error and practical experience I came to understand not only the limitations of each material, but I understood a lot more about my own personal style that I want to bring to the table in this industry.

SCALE: Which was the first project that Hive Home was commissioned with? What were the initial challenges and how have you scaled them?

SHIVANGI: My first project was a 12′ by 4′ chandelier for a residence in Nagpur. The initial challenge was to find the right technicians to install it. Since our work is completely labour intensive, finding the right team to execute the task is extremely important. Over time, we have developed our own team of trained technicians who take care of installations as well as servicing.

SCALE: Which is your personal favourite small and large commissioned work? Why?

SHIVANGI: One of my personal favourites is the lighting installation designed for Meluha, The Fern in Powai Mumbai. The idea was to emulate the open skies and a starry night and bring in a very dreamy feeling. The aim was to be able to give people the impression they were dining and dancing under a sky full of stars. It was a large-scale project – 1000 sq ft comprised of 24 chandeliers and 2400 glass globes, all automated to dim and brighten as per the requirement.

Another project close to my heart was a 12 ft Halo Ring light, made of brass and hand-blown glass, made up of eight elegantly handcrafted moulds of blown glass were created in the hues of crackled gold, lustre brown, earthen amber, grey, and yellow. It was designed especially for the restoration of a lovely heritage bungalow in Pune. The inspiration for the piece was life itself – how it comes full circle just like the warm sun shining amidst nature in all its being. This creation from Hive Home was an embodiment of light, form, function and a true work of art that blends into the ambiance it has been designed for.

SCALE: How many designers work for you and what is the vision for Hive Homes?

SHIVANGI: Hive Home is a versatile storehouse of creativity and ideas. We have a team of 4 to 5 designers, as well as a few 3D visualizers and technicians. Our constant effort and dedication as a team are what drives us to be better each day.

Hive Home’s major forte is bespoke lighting and exceptional pieces tailor-made to perfection. In the coming future, we would like to develop a product inventory for pieces that we stock regularly and make them available for online purchases as that is a huge market we are looking to tap into.

SCALE: How has Covid affected your work and what new parameters are in place due to the pandemic?

SHIVANGI: The pandemic definitely did slow down the work initially as production times took a hit but having had more time in hand actually taught us to look at things from an entrepreneur’s perspective, as well as that of a designer. Equally, working from home fostered a more individual sense of responsibility toward the team from our staff which has been great.

SCALE: Would you say that lighting solutions like those made by Hive Home are more art than necessity? How important are they in the interiors?

SHIVANGI: Art gives us the means to discover the world while at the same time it enables us to create physical extensions of ourselves. Art satisfies our cognitive and aesthetic needs, and thus takes us a step closer to self-realisation. In general, it is a tool for creative expression and is undoubtedly a necessity. Our lighting can be statement as well as a conversation starter.

In terms of interior design, it is important to consider not only structures and colour schemes, but also lighting designs. Customised lighting is more than just a luxury, it is a powerful tool with which a space can be transformed completely. Good lighting has the ability to improve your home and life not just aesthetically, but biologically and psychologically as well.


SCALE: Do you intend to take your designs outside of India and make it available to a larger audience?

SHIVANGI: India is a land full of diversity and unexplored artistic opportunities. We strongly support the “Make in India” movement and would want to create a mark for Indian craftsmanship in the world of luxury goods. It would be an achievement for us to be able to help the world re- discover the art locally produced across various regions in India. Going global with our creative offerings is certainly a major goal we would like to achieve in the coming years.

All Images Courtesy HIVE HOME