The Sum of it All

Let us find out more about Length, Breadth, Height, LBH, a product design firm that celebrates the craftsmanship of contemporary India through products sourced from local materials and indigenous craftwork.

The creator, designer of Length Breadth Height (LBH), Luv Rohra did not land into an entrepreneurial endeavour, he literally paved way for it, himself. Learning each of the expertise needed to make a mark in the field of product design Luv is a self-motivated creator who finally took a plunge during the pandemic, turnings his dreams into reality from the experiences garnered.

The Leaf series

From a basic swing, like the Leaf series crafted in cane and metal, to the elegant Round chair, each of Luv’s products is classic with a contemporary twist that elevates the pieces to crafted brilliance. “Each singular product is designed with an exciting concoction of intrigue, imagination and produced with unfailingly high-grade workmanship. From geometric form, this chair is brought to life with a sense of liberation in the selection of high-quality fabrics, woods like teak, white ash and red oak,” says Luv about the Round.


Triad is SCALE’s favourite for the liberal use of cane in its design. Featuring simple lines and exceptional comfort, the retro-inspired armchair perfectly accents modern living room décor. Another fun and inspiring piece of design is the Packman series, inspired by the favourite game from our childhood.


“These vases are designed with fun and has a poetic twist. It consists of two prominent designs with a strong sculptural appeal, which makes them not only beautiful vases but also figurative interior elements in their own right. Contemporary but classic this sculptural vase is an impressive design statement combining strong graphic elements and organic fluidity in perfect harmony,” explains Luv.

The Pacman series.

His product design studio, Length Breadth Height, introduces products that have a strong sense of detail, with a focus on natural materials, culture, crafts and craftsmanship of contemporary India. Based in Ahmedabad, the studio creates furniture in simple forms with clean lines and quirky twists that instantly transform the product from ordinary to extraordinary. The pieces are highly functional and aesthetically pleasing, using natural materials like cane and terracotta to elevate their designs. But this product design firm was not an instant flash of inspiration but it was a cultivated, researched, skills honed to the last detail project by Luv.

Handpicking and gaining insights from design stores like Josmo that believes in fashioning artisanal furniture similar to crafting a vision, Luv discovered and learnt the process of designing furniture through design software and also the art of dealing and sourcing vendors, to playing with colours and fabric in furniture, through his stint working there.

Terra Light series with different finishes for the terracotta.

“I also leant how to create collections, to set a base for the product and to make it into a series, was all learnt from Josmo,” recollects Luv. Thus Luv garnered knowledge in the four years after finishing his education, learning more than he ever did with experiences from firms like Hatsu, Eureka Moment, Ek Design and Ashiesh Shah assisting him for D/CODE -First Edition.

But the sky is indeed the limit for this designer as he has now collaborated with Keph Design Studio to create light fittings in terracotta. Terra is a compact and versatile fixture that can be mounted on the ceiling or wall that is available in three different finishes in terracotta. The terra sconce features an internally lit face that is punctuated by the lamp. The lamps share the same basic tactile feel, a subtle roughness given by the granular ceramic finish, but are distinguished by their individual style and detailing, according to Luv.

All Images Courtesy Length, Breadth, Height.