Red Story Crafts Corporate Character

Inspired by its vibrant exterior palette, Red Story, a 58,000 sqft office designed by LogicDesign + Build, stands proudly in Sector 8 of Manesar, just outside Gurugram, India. Commissioned by Pacific, a leading provider of engineering products and solutions, the project enhances the facades of their office headquarters and warehouse, within an existingstructural framework.

The firm, based in Gurgaon and headed by Principal Architect Anuj Kapoor has a vast portfolio of bespoke work, that has been published across multiple national and international media. Notably in 2022, the Red Story was awarded the best Facade Design of the Year in Aces of Space Design Awards. Anuj believes in reinventing every day with “Logic Bespoke Collective”, with a robust team of artists, artisans, craftsmen, architects, designers and engineers.

Before and After. Photo Credit: Siddharth Chanana

Taking a step beyond mere design, Red Story aspires to create a distinctive identity, mirroring and truly celebrating the ethos of Pacific—integrity, diligence, and resilience. This is translated in its tangible form with a sturdy yet engaging facade as a reflection of the timeless testament to their legacy.

Before & After. Photo Credit Siddharth Chanana

Enhancing Comfort and Aesthetics with Design Innovation

Details of brick and concrete. Photo Credit Siddharth Chanana

The design of Red Story takes into consideration the sun and its trajectory, as the façade serves as a dynamic mediator between light and space. The strategy allows the filtering of intense southern sunlight, allowing a gentle influx of diffused natural light indoors.

At the forefront, a layered brick façade not only enhances Red Story building and its aesthetics but also fosters a comfortable indoor environment. Adjacent to it, the south-facing facade adopts a denser, less permeable structure, shielding the interior from the harsh direct rays. In contrast, the north and northeast sides feature a series of sandstone fins interspersed with glass windows, inviting the soft, consistent illumination throughout the day. This integration of architectural elements ensures a harmonious blend of functionality and visual allure, enhancing both the occupants and their comfort and the building’s aesthetic appeal.

Strategically designed fenestrations. Photo Credit: Siddharth Chanana

“With Red Story, we envisioned to reignite bespoke design revolution, and leveraged the facade. With strategic design of openings and sustainable use of materials, we aimed to truly represent the company’s (Pacific) ethos.” says Anuj Kapoor, Principal Architect and Founder at Logic Design + Build, the designer behind Red Story.

An Interplay of Texture and Tone

The intricate brick patterns. Photo Credit Siddharth Chanana

In the space above the entrance lobby, a striking red-brick fascia commands attention, casting a protective aura over visitors. Upon closer inspection, the intricate brickwork unveils a systematic pattern, allowing light and air to permeate while preserving a sense of privacy.

Standing sentinel on either side are “bastions” ; cloaked in a raw, natural cement finish, which give a vision of strength and resilience. This juxtaposition of robust cement structures against the softer, textured brick façade creates a visual contrast, highlighting the distinctive architectural style of the entrance. With its bold yet welcoming demeanor, the entrance becomes a focal point, inviting guests into a space where design and functionality coexist.

Intricate Patterns of the Central Wall

A central brick wall showcases an array of over 65,000 wire-cut bricks meticulously arranged to form intricate patterns. Concealing changes in height, this dynamic feature encourages observers to engage with mesmerizing line motifs projected on its surface. Comprising three distinct layers, the wall invites viewers to unravel the logic behind these intricate patterns and optical illusions, akin to unraveling the layers of a finely woven textile. The design focuses on attention to detail, where each brick serves as a pixel in a larger narrative of architecture and craftsmanship.

The play of brick and concrete give an aesthetic appeal to the building. Photo Credit Siddharth Chanana

Sustainability in Material Procurement

The procurement of brick and sandstone is done within a 15 km radius of the site, being trueto the firm’s commitment to sustainability. Rigorous sampling and materials testing were integral to bringing the design to fruition, harmonizing diverse elements across the construction process.

Brick Detailing. Photo Credit Siddharth Chanana

Meeting stringent time constraints, an efficient cutting, laying, and installation protocol minimized wastage, streamlining execution without compromising quality or environmental integrity.

Details of brick and concrete. Photo Credit Siddharth Chanana

The facade evolves from a intricate three-layered brick lattice to a sleek stone screen. Harnessing the inherent characteristics of each material, the Red Story evokes a sense of timelessness, embodying material manifestation of the design brief.

Red Story serves as a poignant reminder of architecture’s spower to tangiblly  translate the values of an organization with the requisite gravitas through contextual design.

Photo Credit Siddharth Chanana