FROMM. Collaborates with Studio D Décor

The Shurouq Collection from FROMM. is now available at Studio D Décor, the first contemporary luxury furniture boutique in the Middle East located at the Gate Mall, Doha.

We all know about FROMM. and its uniqueness, both in concept as well as in execution of exemplary designs. FROMM. is a design platform and brand launched between Qatar and Italy to create the ideal fusion of design and manufacturing, The Shurouq Collection, FROMM.’s inaugural collection born from this unique design platform, has now been launched at Studio D Décor, Qatar’s leading full-service luxury design and lifestyle furniture showroom spanning 3,000 sq. ft.  This event also marks FROMM.’s first retail market launch outside of the FROMM. Showroom and Lab.  The launch event at Studio D Décor was attended by the Qatari design community and the designers from FROMM.’s community of designers, Maryam Al Suwaidi and Shua’a Ali as well as many prominent figures from the art and cultural scene of the country.

FROMM. connects the local, Italian, and international design communities to the global market, while Studio D Décor provides the local connect to home makers with its expertise and extensive range of unique furniture and décor that provides myriad of options for homes.  It is indeed a coming together of forces in luxury and home styling that will open the doors to many a beautiful creation within homes. The Studio provides world-class luxury interior design consultancy to high-end furniture and accessories from international high-end brands to create your perfect abode.

Through this retail launch FROMM. has proven to the market and the design community that it is able to provide collaborating designers with the opportunity to have their products sold in retail environments that are more accessible to Qatari homeowners.

“Today, FROMM. has established its presence, expanded its team, and collectively enriched invaluable experiences, all with the single mission to inaugurate collections cultivated by the rich heritage of local design communities, while allowing space for innovation by providing the expertise in great design and impeccable manufacturing. This mission has been actualized and made more tangible through the launch of The Shurouq Collection at Studio D Décor.” said Alia Rachid – Founder & CEO of FROMM, “Creating collections that honour the rich heritage of local design communities, while providing space for innovation through great design and impeccable manufacturing has been our mission at FROMM. We’re thrilled to see this mission come to life through the launch of The Shurouq Collection at Studio D Décor.”

New additions to The Shurouq Collection include products such as the ‘Laite’ Ceiling Lamp and FROMM. branded throws. The Shurouq Collection products are also customisable through the FROMM. Material Book, all of which is available at the Studio D Décor showroom and FROMM. Showroom and Lab in M7. The collection is available to be viewed through the Studio D Décor website as well as FROMM.’s own website.

Images Courtesy: FROMM.