Nortstudio presents Form, a series of stools and tables that begin with a single, basic shape — a hollow bentwood cylinder.This hollow cylinder could be expanded or contracted, left whole or sliced in half, multiplied in rows of two or three, and topped with slab surfaces for seating or display. One edition is more playful, with tonal gradient bases and contrasting, eye-catching tops. Blue pairs with yellow, green with pink, lavender with rust. The second edition is a bit more sophisticated, with each work occupying a single colour family, each of its elements slightly darker than the next. Both are defined by the harmonious interplay of colour and form.

The stools are made of wood with a solid MDF top, and MDF-bended elements coated with acryl-based paint.

Nortstudio was founded by Jef De Brabander and Kathleen Opdenacker in 2016 with a workshop based in Antwerp.

After working on individual projects, the designers decided to team up and start working as a couple together.

“We design and create together. During this process we bring together our own vision and opinion. Kathleen’s approach is rooted in graphic design, an eye for detail and a broad interest in materials. My approach is rooted in industrial engineering, profound knowledge of techniques and various craftsman’s skills. The interaction that takes place between us plays an important role leading up to the outcome of a final product,” says Jef De Brabander.

“Together we live and work in the North of Antwerp. This multicultural neighbourhood is full of contrasts of all sorts. Finding harmony throughout an enormous variety is a daily challenge. Taking inspiration from our environment, the name of our studio is diverted from the word ‘North’,” he says.