The Pill Case by Nendo

Nendo designs a portable pill case for Seirogan, a plant-based, distinctively odorous gastrointestinal medicine used as a standby remedy for over one hundred years in Japan.

Has your medicine rolled out of your hands when you tilted the pill case onto your hand? Well, with Nendo’s simplistic design, the design firm tries to solve this through Seirogan’s pill case. The structure of the former portable case was such that it dispensed medication when the user opened the cover and tilted the case, but sometimes more pills came out than should be taken, or they rolled out of the user’s hand.



With this in mind, the body of the newly designed pill case has been shaped like a donut and dispenses pills into the central hole. The user first places the case upon their palm and then turns the upper component 60 degrees counter-clockwise to reveal a slot. The slot was designed to face the user so the latter might easily see pills before dispensing. Then, gently tilted toward the user, the pill case releases one to two pills onto the user’s palm, from which the pills may be taken after the case is lifted.

The result of the application of design was a reassuring design by Nendo wherein the pills will not tumble out of the hand because of the protective barrier provided by the case itself.