Two More Qatari Designers Collaborate with FROMM.

FROMM., a furniture design brand bridging talents across Msheireb and Milan, was actively participating in the Doha Design Biennial 2024 showcasing its design collections and this year they had new designers join their talent pool.

When the city of Doha was immersed in design, FROMM., the Msheireb-and Milan-based design brand was right in the epicentre of it all. They took an important space in M7, displaying their latest designs that was added to the Shurouq and Ottoman Dream Collection. But what made the Shurouq Collections new additions even more special was its designers. Not one but two designers, Kaltham Al Kuwari and Aisha Al Mohannadi,  joined FROMM.’s pool of designers to create a new heritage inspired contemporary dining set.

Kaltham Al Kuwari and Aisha Al Mohannadi

Kaltham Al Kuwari and Aisha Al Mohannadi are Qatari designers who have been deeply ingrained in the field of design and interior design. After graduating from the reputable Virginia Commonwealth University (VCUarts Qatar) with a BFA in Interior Design with distinctive Magna cum laude honours, they founded a full-service interior design firm.

The designers’ aim is not to create merely beautiful interiors, they are determined to elevate the design industry and educate others about the importance of design through their expertise. And it must be this ethos that made them gravitate to FROMM. with its unique philosophy of working with local designers to make products with stories, marrying tradition with design expertise.

FROMM. is a luxury design brand and educational platform under FROMM. Lab founded by Alia Rachid, known for her passion for nurturing talent and fostering innovation. FROMM. Lab has established itself as a leading platform for aspiring designers. Alia’s vision has placed FROMM. on the map, blending creativity with business savvy to add to the furniture design industry.

At the heart of FROMM.’s showcase is the “Shurouq Collection,” a beautiful testament of the brand’s commitment to empower designers to represent their story through heritage inspired contemporary design.

“This year, we are excited to introduce the latest addition to this line – the “Shurouq Dining Set,” conceived in collaboration with the young Qatari designers, Aisha Al Mohannadi and Kaltham Al Kuwari. This new launch is a celebration of cultural heritage and contemporary aesthetics, promising to be a centrepiece of interest for design aficionados” says Alia Rachid.

The Sofra dining table by Kaltham Al Kuwari and Aisha Al Mohannadi

The Sofra dining table by Kaltham Al Kuwari and Aisha Al Mohannadi is a centrepiece that seamlessly combines the natural beauty of marble with its iconic rounded metal legs. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this table features an organically shaped surface that echoes the serene landscapes of Qatar. The interplay of luxurious marble and gold metal creates a harmonious blend of modern design and natural allure.

The Sanad Dining Chair.

The Sanad Dining Chair is an embodiment of elegance and comfort. The backrests, sculpted in an embracing form, offer a perfect blend of comfort and style, reflecting the serene beauty of Qatar’s desert landscapes. The sleek silhouette complements its counterpart, bringing streamlined sophistication to any dining setting. Carved from exquisite wood, the Dining Chair reflects the collection’s homage to Qatar’s rich heritage and natural allure.

According to the designers, “The Shurouq Dining Set presented at Design Doha Biennial are crafted and made in Qatar with the best of the workmen and hence there is more reason to celebrate these designs,”

The Designers’ Experience

It has been a learning process for the two young designers as well. “It was a totally different experience for us,” says Aisha, “An experience that made us look at this process of product design from a very different perspective. One that takes into factor market research, user needs, looking at not only local audience but also international audience and how to align with the story of the collection which was already weaved into the local context.”

“It was a transformational experience. It is different when you focus on product design, look into each detail minutely and place the customer to be the guiding factor in its function and comfort,” says Kaltham.

“Having a panel of experts to guide and mentor us was the most fulfilling part of the process,” agree both the designers as they talked about the process of designing for FROMM, “The feedback helped us in pushing the boundaries and helped us dip into our talent resources to come out with the best designs possible.”

Participation at Doha Design Biennale

The FROMM. stand at the Design Doha Biennial.

Beyond the showcases, FROMM. Lab enriched the Biennial experience with the “Designers’ Breakfast Club” coaching series that bridged the gap between design creativity and market realities, covering a spectrum of topics from design process to business acumen in design industries.

FROMM. founder Alia Rachid.

“FROMM.’s presence at the Doha Design Biennale 2024 is a multi-faceted celebration of design, education, and collaboration,” says Alia, “By spotlighting emerging talents and fostering dialogue between creativity and commerce, we continue to pave the way for a vibrant future in design.”

More Designs

The Orca Seating graces the M7 atrium space.

Another new design that received much focus during the Biennale was the Orca Seating by designer Mohammad Ali Farhat. Part of the design solution at the M7 main staircase, as well as the open air theatre where the Design Doha Biennial talks and discussions was conducted, the colourful seating arrangement aroused curiosity for its versatility.

Mohammad Ali Farhat

The Orca Seating merges artistic inspiration from the majestic Orca whale with geometric precision. This versatile piece transitions effortlessly from a comfortable armchair to a practical step seat, suitable for both private apartments and commercial spaces. It exemplifies extreme minimalism, presented in a single, captivating hue, offering a unique statement in any setting.