Interior Vibes 2022: Comfort, Everyday Indulgences and Vorfreude

Architect Nima Harris, Design Director of NNI Associates puts together the interior design trends for 2022 as she underpins the need for creating homes that are not just functional but are also eco-friendly, infused with personality, and nourish the senses and the soul.

As a firm, we don’t typically obsess over trends but it is important to evaluate the mood and the impact of the lifestyle-altering pandemic to be more intentional in our design. With the majority of the population back in the office and daily life easing back to normalcy – even with on and off restrictions, there is a sense of optimism and excitement.

With so much time spent indoors and prolonged social distancing, there is a craving for warm hugs and fun hence comfort, everyday indulgences, and vorfreude (German word -The joyful anticipation of a future pleasure) will be the driving mood for 2022.

The primary focus will be on creating homes that are not only more functional but eco-friendly and infused with personality nourishing the senses and the soul. When it comes to the home design trends of the coming year, the interior will be rooted in a calming scheme with natural elements and cosy sanctuaries along with a mix of fun and whimsical elements to elevate it.

Grounded, Cocooning, and Vorfreude

For achieving these feelings of comfort within interiors, we have identified a few design hacks that have worked for years. Using colours, textures and furniture that adds in the much-needed warmth is the designers’ line of solution to serve up the cocooning effect within interiors.


Warm colours and earthy tones on walls. Pic Source: Pinterest.

Nature-inspired colours like greens and earthy tones in warmer and organic colours like terracotta pinks are the colours that lend comfort in 2022. Extending the theme of expressing positivity, even neutral schemes gravitate towards warmer shades mixed with metal-reflective finishes and wood. Colours in an undertone of violet, purple, midnight blue and burnt golden yellow, earthy oranges, browns will be seen as accents to spruce up the interior schemes.

Warm and green undertones add to the sense of belonging. Pic Source: Pinterest

Curved and Rounded

A love affair with curves and soft edges continues, everything from chairs and coffee tables, ceiling to wall paneling, and mirrors to accessories will sport curvy details works. Interior settings and furniture with rounded contours reduce stress and tie in with our increased desire for cosy, safe, and cocooning sanctuaries.

Images Sources from Pinterest: Second Image: Alwa side table, by designer Sebastian Herkner, with a metal base with black electrostatic paint, with a transparent, yellow or smoked glass top.

Armchairs in velvet and tactile fabrics added with nuanced details consisting of piping, trims and fringes will elevate the plush and comfy rounded edges.


Textural and Tactile

Social touch deprivation during the pandemic led people to use more tactile materials in everyday life. The trend to explore the textural and tactile nature of materials in 2021 will continue this year but with added details infused with a whimsical twist. Embracing the imperfections of natural surfaces will see the use of stonewares, terracotta, travertine, alabaster, ceramic, plaster, seeded/ coloured glass with soft curves across the board from backsplashes to bathrooms, furniture, furnishings, lighting and decorative objects.

Luxury indoors will see hand brushed and satin metal finishes with patina that age with time and glass blocks or cast glass that renders the interiors with a play of light.

Image source: Sebastian Harkner.

Wallpaper Image Source: Elie Saab

Textured paint and wallpaper usage are quick ways to add texture indoors. There will be a lot of experimentation in finishes and patterns that can be adopted in interiors to add the element of touch and feel to gather comfort.

Texture paint image source: Kelly Weastler

The raw, porous, unfinished nature of these natural elements adds depth, personality, and visual interest bringing us back to the rustic nature of the outdoors. High-end designers will opt for 3D feature walls, headboards, media units etc clad in natural materials like wood, travertine, slate, leather or rough-cut marble as a way of storytelling.

Image source: Pinterest.

The tactile sensation of materials will be a key detail as people crave more depth, richness, materiality in their surfaces, art and accessories.

This series by Architect Nima Harris will continue with more insights into the world of interiors in 2022.