A Home for Generations Woven by Space Karma Design Studio

Space Karma Design Studio has crafted a duplex home from two separate flats in Ahmedabad, India, where the age-old traditions of the Marwari culture find harmonious resonance with contemporary elegance.

The living space with the vintage wall sporting hand blocks used in textile printing, an age old tradition familiar in the region.

It is often not an easy task to design spaces that bring together different generations of the same family in harmonious comfort without scarifying the needs of any one member of the family. That is why this house in Ahmedabad, designed for a Marwari family with three generations staying together is special as it defies predefined notions and intelligently uses design to unite and seamlessly meld elements that deliver comfort and contemporary elegance all at once.

An innovative design for a huge television that can swing to both sides, keeping in mind the comfort of all the members of the family.

The close-knit family comprised of grandparents, parents, and two musically inclined sons, each with their distinct tastes and personalities.

“This diversity became the touchstone upon which our design narrative unfolded,” says Shweta Jain, lead designer of Space Karma Design Studio.

The dining table is an ingenious piece of craftsmanshsip using an exquisite Italian Lenzi marble table.

“We envisioned a space that reflects our closeness and allows us to connect meaningfully,” shares the grandmother of the client, “Shweta and her team from Space Karma beautifully captured this essence, designing a space that feels both spacious and intimate.”

“Togetherness and inclusivity are core values of our family,” she adds.

To encourage family gatherings and strengthen the sense of unity, the design team dismantled the walls creating an open and fluid space that allowed each room to converse seamlessly with its neighbour. This also established a sense of spaciousness.

“We desired a touch of luxury without compromising on comfort,” says the client’s son.

This was achieved through a meticulous selection of muted subtle colour palettes, minimal textures, and premium materials, ensuring that the essence of luxury was never overstated but elegantly embraced, according to the design team of Space Karma.

The commpn area that connects the living room and the other spaces.

“To encapsulate the essence of Marwari traditions, we introduced an old vintage wall panel adorned with Gujarat’s heritage hand blocks, adding classic charm to contemporary design,” shares Shweta.

All these were achieved through a meticulous process that started withthe team of Space Karma having multiple meetings with the client, understanding the style or concept that would best suit the client’s lifestyle and requirements without affecting the aesthetics.

“Then the team understands the space in context with its surrounding environment and volume. A responsive design that can respond and be coherent with its surroundings and in sync with the client requirements is the first start to any creative process. Also, we make sure that every detail is focused on and considered in tandem for the final design,” shares Shweta.

Jewel of the House: The Dining Space

It is around the dining table that alll the conversations and family meetings happen.

“The dining area was our favourite space,” shares another family member.

The chairs and the table add an artistic element to the space.

This dream space created using an exquisite Italian Lenzi marble table adorned with tan leather chairs. Breaking away from the subdued palette, it became the room’s stunning centre piece, perfect for hosting both intimate family meals and grand gatherings.

The swing that connects…

An indoor swing was strategically placed between the kitchen, dining and living room creating a charming hub for conversations. It’s not just a swing; it’s a beautifully detailed piece using materials that are in coherence with the entire design language serve as a gathering spot where every corner of the floor feels connected.

There are lack of walls and yet an abundance of meeting spaces and nooks for conversations.

“This project was a journey of creating a space that transcended generations, celebrated heritage, and truly felt like home,” says the designer whose design journey spans over a decade, beginning as a freelancer in Mumbai and evolving into the establishment of her own design company, Space Karma, alongwith a talented team.

Our favourite is the elder son’s bedroom and its contemporary accessories.

“Through this journey, I have encountered both challenges and triumphs, each contributing to my growth and resilience. Over the years, Space Karma has successfully completed over 60 residential and commercial projects across diverse locations such as Mumbai, Karjat, Ahmedabad, Nasik, and even in Oman.

Details of the dramatic room.

“As I continue to navigate the dynamic landscape of design, I look forward to further challenges and opportunities to leave a meaningful imprint on the spaces we create,” she says.

The parent’s bedroom is a haven of comfort.

The grandpaerents bedroom excudes quite luxury and comfort.

Project Details

Location: Ahmedabad, Gujarat

Interior Design by: Space Karma

Month & Year of Completion: October, 2023

Type of Project: Residential Project (Two flats converted into a Duplex)

Client: A Marwari Family with three generations staying togetherof

Project Area: 5400 sq ft

Photography Credits: Nayan Soni

The washrooms are also tastfully done to suit the tastes of the members.