History and Technological Advancements in Ceramics

Atlas Concorde, one of the world’s most prestigious ceramic company, based from Italy with offices around the world, and in Qatar represented by Taylos Trading WLL has just completed its 50th year of service and continues to uphold its investment in technological advancement and innovative design features.

Recently at the company headquarters in Fiorano Modenese, customers of Atlas Concorde celebrated its 50th year of ceramic excellence. The event reiterated the entrepreneurial vision of Atlas Concorde based on values of innovation, technology, outstanding products and processes, an environmentally-friendly approach and social responsibility.

The Chairman of Atlas Concorde, Luca Mussini insisted on continuing the same principles laid by its founding members and that which still guide the company mission: ongoing investment in technological innovation for the pursuit of products and processes, in keeping with environmental friendliness and faith in the new generations.

The brand’s major focus on design, offering customers and designers throughout the world excellent ceramic surfaces for all applications, distributed through a widespread network of points of sale across more than 120 different countries is its second stronghold.

Backed by a leading international position acquired over 50 years of continuous expansion, Atlas Concorde is focusing on people: employees, agents, customers, designers, planners, consumers, to enjoy another 50 years of success.

In Qatar, Atlas Concorde is represented by Taylos Trading Company spearheaded by Shaji Nair, who understands the value of Atlas Concorde’s history of experience and the future of technological advances. The Qatar dealership has completed many humungous projects in the country with Atlas Concorde in these prestigious projects like Qatar Rail and a huge Spa Resort project. The completed projects using Atlas Concorde are the Al Bayt Stadium, Al Rayyan Stadium, Doha Metro Lines, The Boulevard Mall, and Doha Festival City.Atlas Concorde flooring-Scale Magazine

SCALE tries to understand the innovative technological advancements of Atlas Concorde.

What is the secret behind the success of Atlas Concorde and how is technological innovation being met for such a long period of time?

Many factors have contributed to Atlas Concorde’s global success. First of all, constant investment in technological innovation and research. Today the Fiorano and Finale Emilia plants in Italy have state-of-the-art facilities.

Atlas Concorde manufactures products of the highest value for every type of tile, based both on the original inspiration (wood, marble, stone, fabric, cement) and on the technical characteristics and application (large formats, thicker slabs, specific solutions for the hospitality and urban furnishings). That’s why our product range is the true strength of Atlas Concorde, which has few competitors for breadth and depth. Breadth because it offers indoor and outdoor floor and wall tiles for every type of application; depth because each collection has a complete selection of colors, sizes, surfaces, decorations and can satisfy even the most particular request.Atlas Concorde-Marveledge-Scale Magazine

Indeed, we could even say that by combining the products in the range, architects, interior designers, and advanced consumers can find solutions that are tailor-made for their projects.

What is the Unique Selling Point of the ceramic tiles offered by Atlas Concorde?

Atlas Concorde’s real strength is its catalog, the result of a multi-perspective product strategy, capable of striving for excellence in every stylistic and technical segment.

Porcelain tile floors and walls for residential and commercial environments, large formats, solutions for outdoor spaces, large architecture and urban furnishings, ceramic walls tiles of absolute beauty. Marble, stone, wood, cement, three-dimensional relief: each source of inspiration is reinterpreted with such originality and attention that it is transformed into a ceramic material with an autonomous stylistic identity.
Of all the Atlas Concorde collections that have marked a turning point for the ceramic tile business, the Marvel World project truly stands out. It consists of floor and wall tiles that realistically evoke the precious nature of marble, bringing its visual power to prestigious spaces that until then had only been the domain of natural materials.Atlas Concorde_Marvel Dream_Scale Magazine

Take us through the history of the legacy of Atlas Concorde.

Founded in 1969, the company based in Fiorano Modenese is the progenitor of the Concorde Group, the leading Italian ceramic group in the world and undisputed leader of technological development in the industry with product and process innovations that have made the history of ceramics.

In its 50 years of business, Atlas Concorde has contributed to strengthening this leadership, distinguishing itself for its innate ability to combine the creativity of Made in Italy with the most advanced technological reliability and the financial solidity of a company that is always at the top.