The Grab and Go Concept made Trendy

Grab Graze Go Restaurant

Graze is a restaurant with a difference that makes fast food fashionable. But there is more to a restaurant than just its food, it is the ambiance that adds that special flavour.

There have been umpteen stories on the architectural spaces by signature architects in the country, but there has been few and far-in-between stories of interiors; beautiful stores, interesting restaurant interiors or exquisitely done workspaces.

Graze Restaurant

Rich wooden tinge in interiors to impart a sense of warmth

To discuss the wide range of interior design capabilities, there is nothing more effective than putting the spotlight on the work of such interior fit-outs that have made a name with their work and workmanship.

Interprogetti is a Qatari interior fit out specialist, founded in 2012 as part of a joint venture between Future Projects and Fino & Sons. Future Projects that specializes in contract furnishing. The local company represents a number of well-renowned brands supplying high-end furniture.

Graze Restaurant

Cozy interior space

“Interprogetti was born out of the necessity to provide complete interior solutions to clients in the retail, food and beverage and commercial spaces,” explains Achraf M. Abdallah, General manager of the company. “We have completed projects for some of the most well-renowned brands here in Doha. Our foothold in the market continues to grow from strength as we continuously strive to deliver excellence in all our completed projects.”

Scale puts focus on one of the fit-out  company’s works, which involved design and execution. The restaurant we put the focus on is a new concept on the food and beverage scene in Doha and according to the brand vision, they intend to satisfy the customer’s increased desire for something different, delicious, healthy and affordable.

Graze Restaurant Qatar

Graze Restaurant

Graze has a concept that is a take-off on the fast-food concept. This restaurant aim’s to be the trend-setter in the fast-casual market segment, delivering a memorable experience in an inviting yet fast-paced environment where the quality of food and service is at the forefront.

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Suzana Nasser Barakat was Interprogetti’s dedicated designer for this restaurant interiors and the team believe that the client is their best partner while working out the interior solution.

Grab Graze Go Doha

Grab, Graze and Go is the slogan of the restaurant

“The interior theme is not arrived at without reason, it comes from a thorough understanding of our client and their business model,” says Suzana.

Grab Graze Go Restaurant

Grab Graze Go Restaurant in Doha

“When it comes to Graze restaurant, we have worked on implementing two types of designs, the classic design, and the industrial design, achieving in this way an avant-garde design, which impressed the client and grabbed his interest,” explains Suzana.“The client’s requirements were to give a warm touch to the place and to diversify in areas which allow the customer to undergo a different experience in each visit. These requirements were met by thoroughly researching, performing site inspections, analysing and planning.”

Graze restaurant

Grab Graze Go Restaurant

The facade of Graze at Palm Towers, West Bay

Several designs along with indirect lighting created a warm atmosphere. The total area was divided into several areas/sections in an artistic way, each having its own touch and design, in order to create a stylish scheme on the interior architecture of the space, explains the designer. The warmth that the client requested was achieved through the use of wood.

“Also, the concept of “grab and go” was implemented. The point of it is to allow customers to easily grab their needs for takeaways, pay and go without getting delayed. Through research, study of the layout and the architectural space, and understanding the customers’ behaviour, we made sure that the concept was perfectly applied through the right distribution of spaces is each zone, and the right distribution of stations and displays in a well-organised manner to make it tempting for customers and easy to “grab and go,” explains the designer.

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