Art for All

For the first time in Qatar, a competition that is inclusive and aims to bring art to the common man through a collaboration with the Qatar Museums and the private sector with the results of the competition to be put to functionality by the public sector.

 Qatar Museum and Fire Station Artist in Residence in association with Coastal Qatar has announced a design competition titled “Qatar Al Fann” or “Qatar Art” with the objective to transform functional products that the general public interact with, to functional art like landscape furniture, carpets, rugs, etc. designed by the local artists, embodying the rich Qatari culture and heritage.

Khalifa Al Obaidli, Director of Artist in Residence ‘Fire Station’, launched this competition at a small event organised at the Fire Station Museum on June 26. It was attended by a large segment of Doha’s artists, architects, and art enthusiasts.

Fire station announces design competition Qatar Al Fann

Fire station announces design competition

“Historically art has thrived only with the support of patrons. We are extremely happy to note that government bodies like Ashghal, Ministry of Municipality and Environment, Lusail Development, Msheireb, Awqaf have expressed their eagerness to incorporate the selected designs in their upcoming projects. Qatar could probably be the only country where the government agencies have come forward to promote the functional art designed by the local artists” said Khalifa Al Obaidly, “To maximise the exposure of the Qatari heritage and artists, opportunities needs to be created for fans and visitors to interact with art rather than art being confined within the walls of art galleries and museum”

A jury would be appointed to judge and shortlist designs for incorporation into a co-branded design library with the details of the artist, the inspiration for the design, etc. which could be used by architects and designers for their projects.

Fire station announces design competition Qatar Art exhibition

Fire station announces design competition, The deadline for the submissions is August 18, 2019.

Coastal Qatar, a local company which has several Made in Qatar initiatives under its belt will organise the production of the selected products in Qatar through technology partnership with experts or manufacture overseas through selected sources as required and deliver to the projects.

The products could be utilised in public spaces, hotels, offices, parks, mosques, etc. both locally and projects across the world.  The contest aims to provide an unequable platform and mediums of expression for the local artists to showcase their creativity and talent and at the same time provide exposure to a global audience and revenue streams.

The two categories for submission are landscape and street art, which include street seating, litter bins, tree gratings, decorative lights, and carpet designs.

The deadline for the submissions is August 18, 2019.

To submit the project and for more information on rules and categories, click here: