Mondrian Doha Collision of Thoughts By Sara Al Thani’s

Collision of Thoughts at Mondrian Doha

Sara Al Thani’s ‘Collide a Thought’ exhibition showcases the varied works of the artist at the Mondrian Doha hallway as it invites people to draw inspiration and explore the complex ideas behind her expressive art.

Mondrian Doha Collision of Thoughts By Sara Al Thani’s

The only concern when you decide to display your art at the Mondrian Doha is that the premises could camouflage your work.  With its dream-like setting courtesy of Marcel Wanders designs, the Mondrian Doha is always an attention grabber. But for Sarah Al Thani, the location was as much an attraction and the perfect setting for her work of art.Mondrian Doha Collision of Thoughts By Sara Al Thani’s “Look around,” says Sarah Al Thani, “This creative setting fits my personality and I have always wanted to exhibit in places that are a reflection of my work and me and there is no other place like the Mondrian Doha.”

“With its inventive design, creative aura, and art-oriented ethos, Mondrian is the perfect destination for my art which analyses paradoxes of human life and interactions. My purpose is to showcase a multitude of possibilities and suggest endless directions to viewers, giving them an opportunity to explore all of them in an autonomous way, and create their own interpretations and new understandings,” she says.Mondrian Doha Collision of Thoughts By Sara Al Thani’s Sarah’s work is nothing less than extraordinary just like the setting they are in. If the first of the eight paintings showcased was about emphasising the fluidity of destiny, which she compares to a pendulum – always swinging in the opposite direction, the centerpiece of the exhibition, “Impression paradox”, suggests that while the world can turn upside down and break our wings, there is always a chance for a phoenix-like rebirth – even after a devastating pandemic.Mondrian Doha Collision of Thoughts By Sara Al Thani’s Exploring various expressionism inspired forms in an explosion of colours, Sarah’s one work is not similar to the next, each varied in its theme featuring pastel and dark tones and elements of sculpture and collage, revealing the diversity and the complexity of her artistic approach. With these works of art, Sara invites art aficionados to use their imagination and interpret her work to discover new ideas.

“Developing different perspectives through art, design, and music and scriptwriting,” is what Sarah enjoys, as she pursues a design-oriented career supervising Education City’s gift shop merchandising where she brings her creative and visionary approach to the merchandise. Sara holds a degree in political science from San Francisco University, and in Fashion Design from Virginia Commonwealth University.Mondrian Doha Collision of Thoughts By Sara Al Thani’s Not all her work was the result of lockdown during the pandemic, some began a year ago but the majority of the eight paintings were finished during the lockdown which gave her more time to reflect, and imbibes and go into oneself to find new forms of expressions.

The exhibition is held in the hallway leading to EllaMia and is available for guests to view during EllaMia’s opening hours, from 7 am to 11 pm daily.  The work is on show until December 17, 2020.